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Conferences Networking Day 2020 – Networking: antidote to future challenges

The annual event dedicated to the CRIT network does not stop and is proposed again in a new hybrid online-physical format. As in previous years, the event will offer opportunities for discussion and networking to CRIT accredited partners and suppliers, but this year will allow participants to experience an analysis methodology (Theory Of Constraints) and its concrete application in the company, showing the value of a shared approach to problem solving.

Webinar Surface Coatings: practical selection guide

Webinar aimed to sharing parameters and general rules to handle the complex world of surface engineering and identify the most suitable solution for the application of interest. Il Sentiero International Campus, the industrial research center of ECOR International, will lead the day.

Seminars From after-sales to service: the new model by Cefla to monitor and maintain medical devices

The Easy Access project, carried out by the biomedical department of Cefla in collaboration with Antreem (NFA) has the aim of making the monitoring, control and maintenance of the machinery efficient and of allowing a constant qualitative improvement of the work done by qualified personnel. Starting from this concrete case study, the needs, the strategic motivations and the consequent technological choices at the basis of the success of the service will be discussed.

News / 11.02.2020 SYNERGY Infrastructure Sharing – Rent, use, and test innovative equipment from all over Central Europe

The Interreg project SYNERGY (CE1171) has developed a new free online tool for Infrastructure Sharing among innovation actors in Central Europe. The Infrastructure Sharing service brings together infrastructure providers with infrastructure takers to develop joint infrastructure solutions in the thematic areas of Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Micro- & Nanotechnology.

News / 30.10.2019 Z-BRE4K 2nd Press Release: entering the 3rd year

Z-BRE4K, the EC-funded project that aims at reaching zero downtimes caused by unexpected breakdowns in manufacturing plants, just entered Year 3 seeing the testing of Z-BRE4K framework solutions at use [...]

News / 13.09.2019 SPRING project has reached the end

The SPRING project has reached its end. In the last two years, we have worked to increase progression towards the SPIRE goals and enhance project return on investment. The SPRING [...]