Casi di studio test Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence: state of the art and industrial applications


Large companies and SMEs


Investigate the state of the art of industrial applications of artificial intelligence


Scouting State of the art & Search for Suppliers/Competences


The technology scouting activity deals analytically with the topic of Artificial Intelligence, describing its development and deepening the possible applications and in the industrial field, with case studies, resources and tools available and all the useful bibliography.

Specifically, the research outlines the current scenario of the use of Artificial Intelligence in the fields interest for the industrial world such as “Prognostics and Health Management“, “Machine Vision“, “Robotics“, “Process control“, analyzing the techniques used, the tools available to developers, the research centers active in this area and highlighting the most significant case studies.

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Artificial Intelligence has today achieved performances comparable to those of the human brain in many sectors, such as that of understanding language (speech recognition) or images (image recognition), and is revolutionizing many other areas of everydat-life and of the industrial world. Artificial Intelligence techniques today represent the state of the art for industrial innovation, as they provide entrepreneurs, managers and professionals with innovative tools and essential knowledge bases for product and process innovation and the development of new markets.