Batterie per veicoli elettrici: Stato dell'Arte


Several big industrial companies


Understand the existing technologies, and their differences, behind battery power supply solutions, with a general or focused vision on a specific industrial sector.
Define the structural, technological and performance differences of the various existing solutions, describing a complete picture of the modern state of the art.
Understand the selection criteria of the most suitable technology for the company. Identify and analyze the main players in the sector.


State of the art and Search for suppliers/skills technology scouting


The scouting is aimed at understanding the technical details of the battery technologies usef for powering electric vehicles, analyzing their pros/cons and studying their characterizations according to the different possible applications.

The analysis activity made it possible to define, through the study of the scientific literature on the subject, the set of available technologies and to understand their technical details: functional principles, limits, applicability and development perspectives. Throught the use of databases (patent, scientific and other literature), the main actors involved in the production or dissemination of these technologies were then identified and evaluated.

The analysis of the technologies was optimized according to the requests and needs, raised by the requesting company in several moments of comparison, detailing the technical aspects according to the final application and specific analysis requests. The results of the activity allowed customers to understand existing technologies, to evaluate their characteristics and to select, with the support of CRIT, the most suitable solution for their application needs.

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With the progressive political and social interest in environmental issues, the electrification process of polluting systems is gaining more and more importance and interest, both from academia and from industrial/economic world. Among the industry, the automotive sector is probably the most important from this point of view, placing at the center of the development process the replacement of internal combustion engines with electrified systems (powertrain), mainly powered by batteries.

It is therefore essential for companies involved in the design and development of electrified vehicles to understand the key aspects of the most innovative technologies in the world of battery power supply. These technologies include, for example:

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Supercapacitors
  • Hybrid energy storage systems (HESS)

In order to provide the tools suitable for choosing the optimal technology, a scouting activity focused on analyzing existing technologies and the details of the different architectures was activated. In this way, the foundations were established for understanding technology and for choosing the optimal solution. In addition to the key aspects of each of the main existing technologies, the structure and the constituent elements of the batteries (e.g. cathode, anode, etc.) were also analyzed and compared.

Subsequently, based on the requirements presented by the company and the applications of interest, the focus of the activity was shifted towards the specific characteristics for the case of interest. For example, the following were analyzed:

  • specific differences between existing technologies
  • details of the current battery market and possible future developments
  • existing specifications, standardizations and international regulations

Finally, the main suppliers in the sector were listed and analyzed, giving a description of the activities and products offered.

In this way, the existing landscape was defined and the necessary tools for future activities in this area were given