Casi di studio test Simulation and Validation Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles


Simulation and Validation Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles


Big manufacturing company


Understanding the panorama of solutions for the simulation and validation of autonomous vehicles, corresponding components and functionalities: methodologies, technologies and suppliers.


State of the art and Search for suppliers/competences technology scouting


The scouting was set up to outline a complete overview of the technologies available for the simulation and functional validation of autonomous vehicles in several industrial sectors, identified with the customer.

The research was based on sources found both via the web (sector magazines, popular articles, promotional videos, company websites) and on specialized databases (sector scientific articles).

Scouting has made it possible to identify existing approaches, the corresponding solutions (hardware and software), enabling technologies and the different steps of the implementation process.

The analysis of the results was refined in several stages through direct comparison with the customer in order to focus the research on the most useful aspects for this: in detail, after a first phase of general analysis, the search for suppliers was verticalized regarding a specific simulation approach among the seven highlighted by the scouting; in addition, targeted searches were made of use cases of interest between competitors and the types of OEM indicated by the customer.

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Autonomous driving is emerging as one of the main paradigms capable of revolutionizing the operation, use and methods of interaction of vehicles in a variety of sectors, from logistics to agriculture. In this context, however, it is essential to have a clear idea of ​​the operation of these vehicles in a real scenario and therefore to validate all the software and hardware components, so as to guarantee high safety of use and efficiency.

The scouting carried out on the simulation and validation systems of autonomous vehicles was divided into two parts: the first allowed to define the technological panorama in the sector, so as to provide the customer with a complete overview of the technological solutions that could be implemented, the second provided a clear picture of suppliers capable of supporting companies in autonomous driving simulation and validation projects, using the methods most suitable by the customer and analyzed during the first part of the scouting.

The result of the first part of the work has, for example, allowed to highlight and describe the different approaches to simulation and validation, including:

  • Virtual testing
  • MiL (Model in the Loop) simulations
  • SiL (Software in the Loop) simulations
  • HiL (Hardware in the Loop) simulations

The information collected in this first part of the work was used to identify in-depth issues and to better define the evaluation criteria of the suppliers on the market.

In this way, the customer was provided with an exhaustive and personalized overview of the state of the art of the solutions for the simulation and validation of self-driving vehicles. The main results of the scouting activity can be declined in the following points:

  • concrete benchmarking to test one’s level of innovation on the topic (both with respect to competitors and the industrial sectors of reference);
  • a list designed and structured for the selection of the most suitable partners for future collaborations (both in the short and long term).