Round tables Meeting of the CRIT Technical Scientific Committee

Meeting of the Technical Directors of the CRIT Member Companies. In this web edition, we will have the pleasure of updating you on our activities, offering you new ways of interacting and encouraging an exchange between you to see how companies are facing this complex period.

Round tables Supply Chain: how to face the post-COVID19 phase

The COVID-19 crisis has forced several companies to review their business in order to better adapt to the current socio-economic scenario. The online roundtable will offer an opportunity to CRIT members to discuss how Supply Chains will have to evolve in the scenario that will open after Covid-19 deepening the organizational models concerning the management of the Supply Chain.

Round tables Corporate “Social Platform” – A comparison on needs and solutions

Roundtable on the definition of functional requirements, paths and solutions adopted or adoptable to effectively implement a Corporate Social Platform that favors collaboration and communication between the company and its employees (and among them directly) and allows to enable additional services (eg, organizing events, news, collecting new ideas, etc.).

Round tables Corporate communication: testimonials and success stories – 2nd Meeting

Second meeting dedicated to managers and experts in the field of corporate communication to discuss tools and methodologies used in the communication and enhancement of one's brand through the presentation of company experiences, the deepening of experts and the comparison between the participants.

Round tables Additive Manufacturing Experiences

The roundtable aims to allow CRIT member companies to discuss the paths adopted to introduce Additive Manufacturing into their production processes.

Round tables Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The meeting aims to introduce the features and potential of BIM tools and to understand what impact the application of BIM methods will have on the design and management of the life cycle of production plants and civil infrastructures.

Round tables Corporate communication: testimonials and success stories

Communication with current and potential customers is increasingly proving to be a keystone for companies. CRIT proposes a meeting to discuss tools and methodologies used in communication and valorisation of its brand through the presentation of successful cases and the comparison between the participants.

Round tables Supplier Day 2018, Technology suppliers in Cefla

Annual meeting for NFA CRIT companies. Companies will have the opportunity to learn more about Cefla: technologies, market development trends, purchasing structure and operating methods used to purchase products and services. NFA companies will also present their skills by creating the opportunity for new collaborations.