Tecno-tour Virtual Tecno-tour at HP

Online seminar offered by HP (Accredited Supplier Network) on Additive Manufacturing solutions for mass production live from HP's Additive Manufacturing Research Center in Barcelona.

Tecno-tour Tecno-Tour: Universal Robots

Tecno-Tour at the Danish headquarters of Universal Robots, a company of the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network, leader in the development and production of collaborative robots for the manufacturing world.

Tecno-tour Tecno-Tour: F.M.

Visit to the plants of F.M., a leading company in plastic injection molding: we retrace the various phases of a Metal Replacement project.

Tecno-tour Tecno Tour: 3M

CRIT organized, for its member companies, a Tecno-Tour at the Italian headquarters of 3M. The day will offer the opportunity to visit the laboratories and technical areas, learn about the research themes carried out by 3M and to deepen the solutions adopted by the company regarding the innovation theme.

Tecno-tour Visit the CNHi site of Suzzara

CRIT organizes a techno-tour for its members at the IVECO (CNHi) headquarters in Suzzara (MN), the production center of the Daily model.

Tecno-tour Future Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 c/o Festo

Techno-tour at the Festo production plant in Scharnhausen (Germany). This site tests Future Manufacturing technologies and new organizational models and processes in product design, industrialization, production and logistics, data integration, energy efficiency and lean processes.

Tecno-tour Visit to the Alstom site in Savigliano

Techno-tour at the Alstom headquarters in Savigliano (CN), where variable speed high-speed trains (Pendolino), high-speed trains (AGV), regional trains (Coradia, Meridian) and suburban train prototypes ( X'Trapolis).

Tecno-tour Virtual Reality & Digital Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 & Digital Manufacturing | Virtual Reality: industrial use cases and new tools available to the Virtual Prototyping Lab INTERMECH MO.RE.

Tecno-tour Tecno Tour: Proplast – Plastic Innovation Pole

CRIT, in collaboration with Proplast, organizes a visit to the Plastic Innovation Pole, a center of excellence in the transformation of plastic materials, materials engineering, product engineering.