Webinar European Strategies of Open innovation

The webinar will be an opportunity to learn about the application of Open Innovation initiatives in two highly innovative Central European regions: the Emilia Romagna Region and the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Webinar Surface Coatings: practical selection guide

Webinar aimed to sharing parameters and general rules to handle the complex world of surface engineering and identify the most suitable solution for the application of interest. Il Sentiero International Campus, the industrial research center of ECOR International, will lead the day.

Webinar Technologies for Traceability and Anti-counterfeiting

CRIT Webinar: cycle of events dedicated to deepening themes and technologies related to innovation together with CRIT experts. Riccardo Gnudi, Technology & Innovation Advisor in CRIT, discusses the main technologies used in traceability and in the fight against product counterfeiting.

Webinar Mobile Robots: AGV e AMR technologies for manufacturing applications

CRIT Webinar: cycle of events dedicated to deepening themes and technologies related to innovation together with CRIT experts. Diego Bartolomé, Technology & Innovation Advisor in CRIT, presents the main Mobile Robots solutions (AGV, AMR) and technological trends.

Webinar Microservice architectures

Microservice architectures represent a great growth opportunity for those companies that have undertaken or intend to undertake a process of intense digitalization of both their products / services and their internal processes in order to adapt them to increasingly variable infrastructures. A meeting organized in collaboration with the Microservices Community.

Webinar Collaborative Robotics: State of the Art for the “Rossini” case study

CRIT Webinar: ciclo di appuntamenti dedicati ad approfondire tematiche e tecnologie legate all'innovazione insieme agli esperti CRIT. Riccardo Masiero, Technology & Innovation Advisor in CRIT, affronta lo Stato dell'Arte della robotica collaborativa a seguito di un'analisi svolta per il progetto finanziato a livello Europeo, Rossini.

Webinar Overview of Amorphous Metals

NEW! Webinar of presentation of the Technological Overview on trends and application developments of amorphous metals. New CRIT tool to foster the understanding and potential of new technologies

Webinar REEMAIN webinar on the tool for the modelling of solar concentrators

The webinar will illustrate the approach and functioning of our modelling tool developed on the basis of the rough cut approach by IES, with an application on solar concentrators and share information about possible solutions for solar process heat. Registered participants will be sent the webinar link and login instructions a couple of days before the event.

Webinar Reemain Webinar on Technologies for Efficient Manufacturing

The REEMAIN project, funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Research Program, is aimed at promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in manufacturing contexts. The transnational consortium that will carry out the project includes CRIT and SCM, a world leader in the production of woodworking machines.