Services Collaborative innovation

“To share needs and knowledge between different enterprises to generate new ideas and access enabling technologies to create value for enterprises”

The definition of Collaborative innovation formulated by the Technical Scientific Committee of CRIT.

Innovative collaboration activities carried out by CRIT aims to:

  • Foster knowledge transfer from enterprises to other sectors
  • Stimulate the dialogue between enterprises on technology thematic areas of common interest
  • Support enterprises in establish networks to be able to gain more competitiveness and a higher degree of innovation

Shareholders are directly involved in planning the activities for collaborative innovation initiatives carried out by CRIT and support to select on a yearly basis the technological thematic priorities to face in the forthcoming period. Each selected thematic area is then elaborated within a collaborative and supply-chain approach.

CRIT offers a collaborative environment in which associated enterprises can:

  • ROUND TABLES FOR DIALOGUE AND WORK → Dialogue sharing their own needs and experiences on specific technological, organizational and managerial themes
  • SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES → Examine in depth the most innovative technologies and the best management practices, with the assistance of expert or qualified suppliers
  • TECNO-TOUR → Have the opportunity to visit places of technological relevance, meeting enterprises and innovative start up
  • TRAINING → Access high level technical training programme on specific topics
  • COLLABORATIVE LABORATORIES → Create inter-enterprises industrial laboratories to develop projects on mutual interest, to identify solutions to common problems

CRIT organized more than 650 events within the collaborative innovation framework. Among them, some example of the most recent ones are herewith reported:

  • At least one event per week in order to properly respond to the requests of the Network of Enterprises of CRIT
  • Periodical round table events to debate on topics relevant to the management of Intellectual Property, Innovation Management, Management of Resources
  • Networking Day – Presentation of the innovation activities carried out by the Network of Certified Suppliers of CRIT
  • Collaborative Laboratory LIAM – Industrial Laboratory for Automation and Automatic Machine for packaging
  • Periodical meetings on eco-innovation: High-Tech for Green-Tech
  • Organization of Workshops for Bologna Business School and Unioncamere ER
  • Club Innovatori Confindustria Modena Club of Innovators of Confindustria Modena (Federation of industries of the Province of Modena)

Working round tables

Within the collaborative environment of CRIT, enterprises can share experiences and dialogue on specific needs on technology themes, managerial and organizational needs.

For associated enterprises CRIT organizes events and working round table discussions, with the following objectives:

  • Exchange of information, ideas and experience between non-competitor enterprises
  • Benchmarking
  • Formulation of research projects based on partners consortia

CRIT embraces all the areas of interest of associated enterprises, plans relevant activities, organizes and coordinates events, collects and formulates all the technical scientific documentation necessary for any eventual need to further analyze the outcome of activities, selects experts and competencies necessary to accomplish the objectives of the round table discussion.

Working round tables are reserved to associated company and, upon invitation, also open to other external clients.

Some examples of recently organized working round table are presented herewith, with relevant areas of interest:

  • Data mining and big data
  • Approaches and methodologies for the evaluation of R&D activities in enterprises
  • Management of Intellectual Property
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Innovative technologies for the safety of operators
  • E-maintenance
  • Design to cost
  • Innovation management
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Corporate responsibility of enterprises
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Ergonomy and virtual reality
  • Simulations

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Seminars and Conferences

Enterprises committed to challenge innovation are increasingly requested to be updated on the most innovative technologies and technology advancements: being updated on the forefront of innovation developments represents an unquestionable competitive advantage.

Thematic areas of interest and priorities to be discussed are presented by shareholders of CRIT, either through the expression of a specific interest of a single shareholders or also proposed by CRIT. On this basis CRIT organizes seminars and conferences focused on the most innovative technologies and the best managerial practices, with the support of experts or qualified suppliers.

Some examples of recently organized seminars and conferences are presented herewith, with relevant areas of interest:

  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Advanced virtual prototyping
  • Design and development of modular products
  • Industry 4.0
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced surfaces and composite materials
  • Computer vision
  • Robotics
  • Analysis and management of Big Data
  • Industrial automation
  • Energy Management and energy efficiency
  • Methodologies and tools for the development on human-machine interfaces

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CRIT organizes and coordinates visits in Italy and abroad to directly touch the reality of subject with high scientific and technological value and of particular interest for associated enterprises.
Examples are:

  • Research centres and Universities
  • Scientific and Technology Parks
  • Enterprises, Start-up and Spin-off
  • Fairs, Events and Exhibitions, national and international, with areas reserved for shareholders of CRIT

Thanks to Techno-Tours, associated enterprises of CRIT can take advantage of one preferential channel to directly be in touch with the most innovative technologies and the most outstanding and active subjects in the research sector.

Some example of Techno-Tours organized by CRIT are listed below:

  • Headquarters of Kuka and BMW (Germany)
  • FESTO Application Centre (Italy)
  • LECOP and LAERTE Laboratories (ENEA)
  • IIT – Italian Institute of Technology (Italy)
  • Omron Research and Development Center (Spain)
  • Polytechnic of Delft
  • Headquarters of FESTO, Fraunhofer Institute, Audi (Germany)
  • AREA Science Park (Italy)
  • CERN (Switzerland)
  • Polo di Navacchio (Italy)



Continuous training of personnel represent a crucial effort to maintain innovation and competitiveness of an enterprise. A training initiative can turn into a more effective intervention when is carried out within a multiple-enterprise collaborative environment, as the dialogue between different industrial context stimulates the learning ability and the enforcement of the acquired knowledge-

CRIT organizes for associated enterprises technical training courses specifically focused on the industrial applications of innovative technologies, technological niches, cross-cutting technology thematic areas with high applicable implications.

CRIT organizes training events on topics of interest for one or more enterprises. Events take place either in the premises of CRIT or directly in the client companies. Moreover, CRIT directly selects training experts and manages the preparation of the training event.

Some example of Training activities organized by CRIT are listed below:

  • User Experience Design for Industry
  • Design of software for automatic machines control
  • TRIZ methodologies for the implementation of inventions and related problems


Collaborative laboratories

LIAM is a concrete example of innovative collaboration: LIAM originates from the necessity to carry out the transition between a technical dialogue between enterprises having common objective research into practice. CRIT fosters enterprises in the formulation, development and initiation of industrial inter-enterprises laboratories and LIAM (Laboratorio Industriale Automazione Macchine – Industrial Automation Machine Laboratory) represents a brilliant result of this approach.

LIAM is an Industrial Research laboratory focused on the thematic aspects of automatic machines for packaging.

Enterprises participating in the creation of LIAM are: IMA SpA, SITMA SpA, SACMI SC, SELCOM SpA and Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions SpA.

A decade of experiences gained within the collaborative environment of CRIT enabled enterprises to actually put in places all the lessons learnt, and to build up and actually realize in practice a laboratory able to develop and deliver solution to specific problems, disseminating at the same time, innovative technologies on their own proprietary automatic machines, acquiring new professional competencies and skills in personnel either directly or indirectly involved.

Enterprises decided to move from a simple model of information sharing to the realization of joint industrial research activities and experimental development, making available in common know-how and requirements and unifying all the efforts to reach more efficiently and rapidly to significant progresses both in terms of technology and in terms of value chain.

Activities of LIAM are based on four main research areas:

  1. Virtual Prototyping
  2. Solutions for predictive diagnostic
  3. Software architecture machine independent & platform independent
  4. Benchmarking of industrial commercial platforms