Application of BIM methodologies in the design and management of buildings

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Second event dedicated to Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Through the testimonials of Politecnica and CMB, we will investigate real use cases of BIM in the design and management of buildings. Ample space will then be devoted to discussion and comparison between those present.

The meeting is organized in collaboration with INNOVACOOP.


14:30 Start

  • Introduction, presentation of the day’s program and participants – Francesca Montalti, INNOVACOOP
  • BIM as a process for the preparation of asset management: CMB experience, obstacles and new goals – Barbara Maccioni, Business Development Department, and Andrea Vanossi, CMB BIM Manager
  • Legal BIM and interoperability of data and systems – Francesca Federzoni, President of Politecnica and OICE Councilor, and Barbara Frascari
  • The digitization of the real estate assets for maintenance purposes in the Politecnica experience – Francesco Frassineti, Politecnica BIM Project Manager
  • Space for questions and discussion

17:00 Conclusions and joint working hypotheses

17:30 Conclusion of works

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