Client/Supplier Day – Suppliers of Excellence and Innovation Projects

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The Client / Supplier Day is the annual meeting organized by CRIT to stimulate opportunities for innovation, new relationships and research and development projects between companies in the CRIT network and other external companies. This year’s meeting, organized in collaboration with Bologna Business School, will see the presentation of case studies and projects developed by companies belonging to the Endorsed Suppliers Network.

Each Endorsed Supplier will have 10-15 minutes to propose their case and the presentations will be divided into four different thematic areas:

  • Materials and Process Technologies (titles of interventions)
  • Information and Communication Technology for industry (intervention titles)
  • Sensors, Electronics and Industrial Automation (titles of interventions)
  • Components and services for industry (intervention titles)

The day will be opened by a speech by prof. Paolo Barbieri, researcher at the Department of Business Sciences and professor of the Strategy and Management of the Value System course at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna, on the theme: “Integration of suppliers into innovation paths: strategy, opportunities and risks“.

Throughout the day there will be opportunities for discussion and networking among the participants.