Cyber Security for Cyber Physical Systems

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Open and smart Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are considered to be the next revolution in ICT with enormous business potential enabling novel business models for integrated services and products. In many areas of CPS devices, there is a strong trend towards open systems, which can be extended during operation by instantly adding functionalities on demand.

In this area, it is interesting to investigate the functional extension provided by apps, as it is already common for mobile and other consumer devices. While such apps provide extra user value, there are considerable challenges for connected CPS devices regarding safety of the controlled system as well as safety and privacy of the user. Despite many efforts on trustworthy systems, security attacks become more and more common, especially when easier or more rewarding targets are introduced.

There is a need of appropriate assurances that ICT systems are secure and trustworthy by design as well as a need of certified levels of assurance where security is regarded as the primary concern. Likewise, target architectures and methods improving the efficiency of assurance cases are needed in order to lower their costs.

The seminar will focus on all these themes, involving as speakers, international companies specialized in engineering CPS and developing cyber security solutions. Fortiss, STMicroelectronics, Virtual Open Systems and Energica Motor Company are partners within the TAPPS project (Trusted apps for Open CPSs). During the seminar, there will be the opportunity to show the intermediate results of this project and to go more in depth in partners’ core competences related to Cyber security for Cyber Physical Systems.

TAPPS project is funded by the European Commission in 2015 within H2020 program.



FORTISS | ST Microelectronics | TTTech | Virtual Open Systems | Actility | Fondazione Centro San Raffaele | Technological Educational Institute of Crete | Energica | Ospedale San Raffaele (Third Party and external partner)


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14.30 Enrico Callegati, Eleonora Bongiovanni, CRIT. “Introduction and Opportunities in H2020

14.45 Christian Prehofer, fortiss. “Trusted Application Platform for Open CPS Systems

Fortiss has a strong expertise on engineering CPS on the software side, including dependable system, software engineering, tools and verification.  Major application areas are industrial automation, Automotive Industry and Aerospace sectors. Fortiss is developing innovative applications in automotive and medical devices fields within the European project TAPPS.

15.30 Marcello Coppola, STMicroelectronics.  “On-chip and off-chip communication security for Cyber Physical systems

ST is a leading micro electronics manufacturer and focuses on trusted hardware. ST is in charge of the development of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions for Smart Driving, Industrial Tools Automation and Internet of Things.

16.15 Michele Paolino, Virtual Open Systems.  “Cyber security through virtualization

Virtual Open Systems is a leader in open-source virtualization solutions for automotive and other CPS domains and focuses on computing virtualization and connection to other CPS devices.

17.00 Giovanni Gherardi, Eleonora Montanari, Energica Motor Company. “Energica motorbike: case study for cyber security applications

Energica is a highly innovative SME in the automotive area, contributing to the TAPPS project with a motorcycle trial.

17.30 End of seminar

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