Distributed automation: from PLC to intelligent devices. Effects of a revolution in progress

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| Industry 4.0 & Digital Manufacturing |

Modern IT solutions, both hardware and software, are about to revolutionize the way automation is conceived, moving from the PLC to the idea of distributing intelligence directly into individual subsystems.

Starting from technologies ready for industrial application, the seminar explores the enormous potential offered by this new distributed automation paradigm, proposing concrete use cases already available today, without forgetting to look to the future.

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14.15 Registration

14.30 Introduction to the seminar and its objectives – CRIT

14.40 Automation distributed through IEC-61499: opportunities and tools

  • Overview of the concept of distributed automation – Synesis
  • The nxtControl tool and its potential – nxtControl
  • Live demo of the potential of modularity and reconfigurability – Synesis

15.10 Two applications ready for use: predictive diagnostics and line supervision – Synesis

15.30 Digital automation: breaking down the barriers between production and management, towards the logistics of tomorrow – ACT-OR

15.50 Gr3n: industry 4.0 and sustainability – gr3n

16.10 “Sustainable Automation”: how to transform a machine from product to service – Synesis

16.30 nxtControl, Synesis and the European initiative “Daedalus” – Synesis

17.00 Closure of works

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