INDUSTRY 4.0: a challenge for the future of manufacturing in Italy

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In the world of production, major changes are emerging, which for ease of discussion and approach have been grouped into a container called Industry 4.0. The forecast is that modern information and communication technologies will merge with industrial processes. “We are preparing to face these changes by activating collaborations with partners from the industrial and scientific world, to respond to new challenges and play an active role in shaping new technologies”, explain the heads of Festo’s development and program strategy. The company, in fact, considers the development of production systems with a holistic approach and from different points of view, evaluating both the purely technological aspects and other factors such as man-machine cooperation or the subject of training.


9.30 Registration of participants

10.00 Welcome and opening of the works. Giampiero Bighiani, General Manager, Festo Industrial Automation, Antonio Parodi, Head of Sales and Marketing (Festo Industrial Automation)

10.10 Industry 4.0: the service as a product. At the root of a change of mentality. Giambattista Gruosso, Associate Professor Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (Politecnico di Milano)

10.30 The Internet of Things for business. Claudio Coradeschi, EMEA – Engineering Value Industry, SAP Italy, Andrea Martignoni, Enterprise Architect (SAP Italy)

11:00 Technology 4.0 for productivity: a journey into future manufacturing. Eberhard Klotz, Marketing Electric Automation (Festo AG)

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Plant & Machines Builder: what is the 4th Industrial Revolution for them and what do they expect? Pietro Cassani, General Manager (SACMI)

13.00 Lunch Buffet

14.20 Manufacturers: what is the 4th Industrial Revolution for them and what do they expect? Rosario De Marchi, Plant Manager (Acqua Minerale San Benedetto) Claudio Vittoriani, Logistic Manager, Luxottica (to be confirmed), Alfredo De Falco, New Project and Process Excellence Engineer (Unilever)

15.20 Industry 4.0: organization, processes and skills in the factory and for supply chain management. Bruno Carminati, Senior Consultant for Operations and Supply Chain Area (Festo Consulting)

15.50 Debate and closure of the work by the Chairman

Festo Italia Via Enrico Fermi 36/30 - Assago – Milano su Google Maps