Industry 4.0: Plans in evolution

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On April 5th, Federmanager and Cineca, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Economic Development, Confindustria Emilia-Romagna, Unindustria Bologna, Crit and the Associations Asspect and Faremeccanica organize the seminar “Industry 4.0: Plans in evolution”.

Continuing the path started with the organization of various events on the “new digital age” issues, and after the publication of the “Industry 4.0” Government Plan and other specific programs of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the seminar intends to take stock of the ‘advancement of digital innovation, with the Institutions and representatives of the Industries.

The meeting will be held on April 5, at 2.50 pm, at the Cineca headquarters.



Registration of participants


Prof. Emilio Ferrari, President of CINECA


Review of Aspects and Programs for 4.0
Ing. Franco Boccia, Consultant B.IT/Asspect

Innovative solutions for 4.0 – Big Data and Data Analytics
Dr. Gabriella Scipione, HPC Cineca

Strategies and actions, status of the Industry 4.0 Plan
Dr. Luciano Lavecchia, Ministry of Economic Development Technical Secretariat

What can ER Industries / SMEs do now to be Industry 4.0?
Dott. Luca Rossi, Deputy Director, Confindustria Emilia Romagna
Dott. Filippo Forni, Head of the Unindustria Bologna Innovation and Research Service

Federmanager initiatives for 4.0
Ing. Eliana Grossi, President, Federmanager Bologna Ravenna
Ing. Guelfo Tagliavini, Head of Comm.ne Industry 4.0, Federmanager

What some industries say in Emilia Romagna
Ing. Marco Baracchi, CRIT General Manager
Ing. Gianni Faraci, President of FAREMECCANICA

Speakers Round Table
The table will also participate:
Dr. Oscar Pasquali, Head of Technical Secretariat Ministry of Education University Research
Prof. Alfredo Liverani, Design Assistant Engineer Dept.Industry and Coord. Ingegn. Mech. Unibo

Q & A


Final Aperitif

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