Innovation becomes business

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Making innovation is a complex process that increasingly requires an organized structure and defined processes.

While ISO has taken steps to define rules and standards of innovative good practice, the European Union is supporting the NUCLEI project, funded by the Interreg Central Europe program, which aims to identify ways and instruments that can be shared internationally in the innovation process.
What prospects are opening up for the next few years? What new tools are available to companies that we expect to be born?


15.15 Registration

15.30 Nuclei project, Enrico Callegati CRIT

15.45 Standardization and innovation: the UNI, CEN and ISO activities, Marco Cibien UNI

16.10 Leadership as an engine of innovation. Application experiences, Marco Menghini In-Genius by Human Lab

16.35 A winning example of collaborative innovation, Matteo Sartini Liam Lab

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