Meeting of the CRIT Technical Scientific Committee

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The CTS – Technical Scientific Committee – is composed of all the Technical / R & D Directors of the CRIT Member Companies. It is the body that directs, evaluates and validates the collaborative activities of the CRIT. It meets 3 times a year, normally at a partner company. On November 15th, the meeting will be hosted by DATALOGIC SpA. The meeting is reserved for the Technical Director of the CRIT member companies.


14.00 Meeting at the DATALOGIC plant – Via San Vitalino, 13, 40012 Lippo, Calderara di Reno (BO).

14.15 Welcome greeting – Michele Benedetti (R&D Automation Products VP).

14.30 Transfer by bus to the DATALOGIC office in Monte San Pietro (BO).

15.00 Production plant tour with in-depth study:

  • production area;
  • demo Conveyor;
  • AIDA demo.

16.30 Return to the DATALOGIC plant in Calderara di Reno (BO).

17.00 Coffee Break and Visit to the DATALOGIC Museum.

17.30 The innovation process in Datalogic. Some examples of disruptive technologies – Federico Canini (R&D DL Labs & Platforms VP).

18.00 Update of the CRIT activity.

19.00 Computer Vision and the Advent of Deep Learning – Luigi Di Stefano (University of Bologna).

20.00 Convivial buffet at DATALOGIC.

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