Meeting of the CRIT Technical Scientific Committee

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The CTS – Technical Scientific Committee – is composed of all the Technical / R & D Directors of the CRIT Member Companies. It is the body that directs, evaluates and validates the collaborative activities of the CRIT. It meets 3 times a year, normally at a partner company. On March 21, the meeting will be hosted by Caprari S.p.A. The meeting is reserved for the Technical Director of the CRIT member companies.


CTS members will be able to visit the production plant of the submerged engines of Rubiera and learn more about Caprari’s Innovation strategy, presented by Lauro Antipodi (R&D Director) and Antonio Gambigliani Zoccoli (Project Engineer).

After the update on CRIT activities, Pierluigi Petrali, Manufacturing R&D Manager at Whirlpool EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa www.whirlpool.eu) will intervene.

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