Networking Day: success stories for the industry of the future

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Wednesday, May 31st the CRIT Networking Day will be held, the usual annual meeting aimed at stimulating opportunities for innovation, new relationships and common projects between companies in the CRIT network (Associated Companies, Endorsed Suppliers, External Companies).

This year’s meeting will focus on “Success stories for the industry of the future“.

The contents of the presentations will refer to the technological Roadmap proposed by EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association) for the next Horizon 2020 calls that will be released in 2018/2019/2020.

Themes and contents
  1. Distributed and agile production networks (“Agile value networks: Lot-size one and distributed manufacturing”)
  2. Productive excellence and zero-defect strategies (“Excellence in manufacturing: Advanced manufacturing processes and services for zero-defect and innovative processes and products”)
  3. Human factor: the role of man in the industry of the future (“The human factor: Developing human competences in synergy with technological progress”)
  4. Sustainable manufacturing and circular economy (“Sustainable value networks: Manufacturing driving the circular economy”)
  5. Digitization and interoperable production platforms (“Interoperable digital manufacturing platforms: supporting an eco-system of manufacturing services”)

09.00 Registration

09.30 Introduction to the day – Andrea Ceci, CRIT

09.45 Digital Transformation and Innovation Management – Gianluca Berghella, CRIT

10.00 Industry 4.0: the SACMI case – Gildo Bosi, Automation R&D Manager, Sacmi

10.30 Industry 4.0 and collaboration with Suppliers – Andrea Zanoni, Bologna Business School

11.00 Human factor session: the role of man in the industry of the future (Aula Magna)

  • Advanced HMI design: the SCM case – Niew Design and SCM Group
  • Immersive reality applications – TT Tecnosistemi
  • Augmented Operator: Operator 4.0 – ServiTecno and GE Digital
  • Virtual Reality for Manufacturing, Maintenance and Training: industrial applications – Esi Group and Unimore
  • Concrete examples of teleassistance application with increased reality simplified in machine maintenance – OC Open Consulting
  • The people at the center of everything: the AEPI case – AEPI INDUSTRIE Srl
  • The Lean Factory School®: a digital training experience – Bonfiglioli Consulting
  • The human factor in manuals: how to organize information for maximum usability and speed of access – Writec
  • New requirements for physical security in the company and integrated engineering services for security – Nier Ingegneria
  • Skills as currency of the future: recognize and demonstrate them with Open Badge – CINECA

11.00 Session Productive excellence and zero defect strategies (Aula Fuoco)

  • Business Analytics and Quality Prediction for Manufacturing: a data-based approach for continuous improvement of production activities and business processes – Wonderware and Beantech
  • Web configuration and sales platform: the arrival point of the productive, organizational and managerial refocusing – Colombo Filippetti
  • Motor Power Company introduces the 4.0 industry in excellent craftsmanship through mechatronics and diagnostics – Motor Power Company
  • Optical system for dimensional control of pistons (micrometric measurement of aluminum piston diameters) – MaGyc
  • Vibrational analysis as a new test method in the power train sector – Unicom and MechLav Laboratory
  • Condition monitoring on endurance tests in the automotive sector – Inform Italia
  • Strain gauge analysis in the aeronautical field – Deltatech, Hypertec Solution and Curti
  • NPC Spacemind: innovative solutions and new developments in the aerospace field – NPC Italy
  • Integration of industrial control applications on multicore platforms through the use of hypervisors and open-source systems – Evidence
  • Multi-purpose industrial system with real-time configurable I / O expander – SECO
  • Application for measurement of crankshafts with vision technology – VICI & C.

13.00 Lunch break with buffet

14.00 Sustainable Manufacturing, Circular Economy and New Materials Session (Aula Magna)

  • Graphene: from production processes to possible applications – CRIT
  • Dissemination of bio-based materials in composites – Bercella
  • Co-design and Metal Replacement: the example of Ventosa Multigecko – F.M. and System Ceramics
  • Metal Replacement of a double-acting tapered roller thrust bearing – Ghepi
  • Additive manufacturing: commissioning of a prototype machine and optimization of process parameters – Ecor Research
  • Additive Manufacturing Project: integrated response to industrial solutions related to additive printing – Poggipolini and Dragonfly

15.10 Digitization session and interoperable production platforms (Aula Magna)

  • The “Digital” Automation at the service of Sustainability, a reason to enter into Industry 4.0 – Synesis
  • Railway signaling in one click: documentation and traceability – Quix and Alstom
  • The evolution of the industrial wheel within the Smart Manufacturing – Tellure Rota
  • Design-to-cost tools for future companies – Hyperlean and SIAT
  • 3DWarden: Platform for the active management of built cultural heritage – Finsoft
  • Adaptive Cyber ​​Defense, how to improve resilience to cyber attacks – Vem Sistemi, Certego and Sacmi
  • From the traditional factory to the connected factory through the Cybersecurity – Rockwell Automation

16.20 Session Distributed and agile production networks (Aula Magna)

  • Energy Way the art and science of data – Energy Way
  • Automated and interconnected factory – Industry 4.0 second Meccanostampi – Meccanostampi
  • Computerization and production tracking through the implementation of a factory MES system – Vimi Fasteners and Plannet
  • Omron: the new mobile collaborative solutions – Omron
  • Two applications in the field of Industry 4.0: Mobile Robotics and IoT in flexible automation lines – KUKA
  • Manipulation of parts with collaborative and sensitive robots – Egicon
  • The new perspectives of industrial automation – Festo

17.30 Digital Integrated Solutions: Tetra Pak experience – Paolo Scarabelli, Embedded Solution Manager, Tetra Pak

18.00 Closing of works

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