Archive Events

Webinar Microservice architectures

Microservice architectures represent a great growth opportunity for those companies that have undertaken or intend to undertake a process of intense digitalization of both their products / services and their internal processes in order to adapt them to increasingly variable infrastructures. A meeting organized in collaboration with the Microservices Community.

Webinar Collaborative Robotics: State of the Art for the “Rossini” case study

CRIT Webinar: ciclo di appuntamenti dedicati ad approfondire tematiche e tecnologie legate all'innovazione insieme agli esperti CRIT. Riccardo Masiero, Technology & Innovation Advisor in CRIT, affronta lo Stato dell'Arte della robotica collaborativa a seguito di un'analisi svolta per il progetto finanziato a livello Europeo, Rossini.

Seminars Artificial Intelligence to support the dialogue with customers

The quality of contact with customers is one of the areas in which the competitiveness of any company is played out today. In order to optimize these increasingly complex and delicate activities in an optimized way, many companies are introducing Artificial Intelligence tools. The seminar will allow to deepen the theme thanks to the skills and experience of Expert System, leader in the field of artificial intelligence applied to text analysis.

Seminars IoTalk from words to ROI

Does the Internet of Things really have an impact on a company's ROI? We will discuss the topic together with Trueverit (NFA CRIT) and the testimonies of Autocarrozzeria Imperiale, AIMAG, Schneider, CEFLA and Leonardo.

Seminars Govern digital innovation from management to execution

The digitalization of production processes reaches today all aspects of the company, from management to more strictly productive ones, starting from the integration of product-side solutions and going as far as production control and management areas. The topic will be deepened through the experience of NiEW who will intervene together with Salvagini and Aquafil representatives, and will share the experience gained in common digitalization projects together.

Seminars Quantify the intangible: measuring the value of innovation. The contribution of the conjoint analysis

How to measure the perception of utility connected to a new product? How to translate the introduced technological components into economic terms? How to be able to design a new product that maximizes the positive gap between production costs and utility for the customer? Through the examination of real cases and a simulation developed in the classroom, we will explore the potential of conjoint analysis in the field of design and development of new products.

Seminars SAVE THE DATE – Graphene Meeting

Seminar in collaboration with Graphene Flagship and Tetra Pak to discover the work done by the project and the latest news on graphene. The event will include the possibility to see and touch the latest applications developed by the flagship partners thanks to a Demo Session.

Conferences Graphene discovery and the European Graphene Flagship Project

Una grande occasione organizzata da Tetra Pak per vedere il Grafene attraverso la testimonianza di figure industriali e accademiche con una lunga esperienza nel settore. Intervento d'onore ad opera del Professor Konstantin Novoselov, vincitore del Premio Nobel per la Fisica nel 2010 per la scoperta del Grafene.

Tecno-tour Tecno-Tour: Universal Robots

Tecno-Tour at the Danish headquarters of Universal Robots, a company of the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network, leader in the development and production of collaborative robots for the manufacturing world.

Seminars Additive technologies for polymers

Update seminar on the progress achieved by additive manufacturing in the polymeric field in the last five years. With DWS, Mark One, HP and Tec Eurolab.

Round tables Corporate “Social Platform” – A comparison on needs and solutions

Roundtable on the definition of functional requirements, paths and solutions adopted or adoptable to effectively implement a Corporate Social Platform that favors collaboration and communication between the company and its employees (and among them directly) and allows to enable additional services (eg, organizing events, news, collecting new ideas, etc.).

Seminars Human-centred automation in the era of Artificial Intelligence

Event which will illustrate the most interesting results of the INCLUSIVE European project, funded by the European Horizon 2020 program and focused on "Human- Centered ", of which SCM was partner with its industrial research center.

Seminars 5G: evultion o revolution?

CRIT, in collaboration with Stoorm5, organizes an event aimed at deepening, through the testimony of experts from the academic and industrial world, the theme of the new 5G communication standard.

Seminars R&D funding: training and opportunities

R&D funding allows companies to obtain more resources, reduce the risks associated with research and collaborate with national and European centers of excellence. CRIT organizes a training and information seminar dedicated to companies in the CRIT Network to support them and guide them in the process of accessing these forms of financing.

Round tables Corporate communication: testimonials and success stories – 2nd Meeting

Second meeting dedicated to managers and experts in the field of corporate communication to discuss tools and methodologies used in the communication and enhancement of one's brand through the presentation of company experiences, the deepening of experts and the comparison between the participants.