Archive Events

Webinar Artificial Intelligence applied to words: an overview on Sentiment Analysis

CRIT Webinar: cycle of events dedicated to deepening themes and technologies related to innovation together with CRIT experts. Riccardo Masiero, Technology & Innovation Advisor in CRIT, explains what Sentiment Anlysis is and its relationship with Artificial Intelligence, discussing some application examples in tourism.

Webinar European Strategies of Open innovation

The webinar will be an opportunity to learn about the application of Open Innovation initiatives in two highly innovative Central European regions: the Emilia Romagna Region and the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Tecno-tour Virtual Tecno-tour at HP

Online seminar offered by HP (Accredited Supplier Network) on Additive Manufacturing solutions for mass production live from HP's Additive Manufacturing Research Center in Barcelona.

Conferences Networking Day 2020 – Networking: antidote to future challenges

The annual event dedicated to the CRIT network does not stop and is proposed again in a new hybrid online-physical format. As in previous years, the event will offer opportunities for discussion and networking to CRIT accredited partners and suppliers, but this year will allow participants to experience an analysis methodology (Theory Of Constraints) and its concrete application in the company, showing the value of a shared approach to problem solving.

Round tables Meeting of the CRIT Technical Scientific Committee

Meeting of the Technical Directors of the CRIT Member Companies. In this web edition, we will have the pleasure of updating you on our activities, offering you new ways of interacting and encouraging an exchange between you to see how companies are facing this complex period.

Webinar Surface Coatings: practical selection guide

Webinar aimed to sharing parameters and general rules to handle the complex world of surface engineering and identify the most suitable solution for the application of interest. Il Sentiero International Campus, the industrial research center of ECOR International, will lead the day.

Seminars Social distancing: tools for contact monitoring and risk assessment

"Keep your distance" is the social mantra that will accompany us for a long time and that will not run out once the emergency is over. What role will technologies play in the "new normal"? What are the implications for employee privacy? We will present two complementary technologies based respectively on Computer Vision and Beacon thanks to the interventions of Prof. Rita Cucchiara and of the Stoorm5 company (NFA).

Seminars Deep & Dark Web: the hidden part of the network

Plenty of data stolen through what in technical terms is called a "leak", can now be purchased within the Deep and Dark web. A meeting with Cyberoo and Cyberloop to deepen and better understand the risks for a company related to the world of the dark web.

Seminars Applying ergonomics: job quality measurements, mental workload and acceptability

Ergonomics is the science that studies the interactions between humans and the other elements of the complex systems in which they act to design solutions that improve them in accordance to people needs, abilities and limitations. In this webinar, starting from real case studies (on collaborative robotics and more), Ludotic, Adequat and TNO will make us discover different practical aspects of ergonomics: from mental workload issues to workforce acceptability.