Events Yearly Archives: 2018

Tecno-tour Visit the CNHi site of Suzzara

CRIT organizes a techno-tour for its members at the IVECO (CNHi) headquarters in Suzzara (MN), the production center of the Daily model.

Seminars The value of data for companies

Through the presentation of real case studies, the meeting will demonstrate that the tools of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence can impact dramatically in a wide range of industrial sectors. We'll talk about it with Energy Way, MindIT, Statwolf and Whirlpool.

Round tables Prototype management

The work and comparison table has as objectives the sharing of good practices in the management of prototypes and the benchmark on the business organization methods for this type of activity.

Round tables Transnational Working Table – New Technologies and Solutions

Benchmark meeting with the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation of Augsburg, an important Bavarian technology transfer center specialized in the mechatronics and automation sectors. The meeting will be held in English.

Round tables Innovation Management

Each participating company will illustrate, with a brief intervention (approximately 10-15 minutes), the concept of innovation for the company, organization, processes, methodologies and supporting tools.