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Seminars Safety in collaborative robot systems: technologies, standards and best practices

The paradigm of collaborative robotics is becoming more and more the natural evolution to which advanced factory automation must strive. In this webinar Datalogic (CRIT associates), Universal Robots and Omron (Endorsed Supplier Network) will discuss their views and approaches to deal with some of the main aspects involved in collaborative robotics systems.

Round tables Supply Chain: how to face the post-COVID19 phase

The COVID-19 crisis has forced several companies to review their business in order to better adapt to the current socio-economic scenario. The online roundtable will offer an opportunity to CRIT members to discuss how Supply Chains will have to evolve in the scenario that will open after Covid-19 deepening the organizational models concerning the management of the Supply Chain.

Seminars From after-sales to service: the new model by Cefla to monitor and maintain medical devices

The Easy Access project, carried out by the biomedical department of Cefla in collaboration with Antreem (NFA) has the aim of making the monitoring, control and maintenance of the machinery efficient and of allowing a constant qualitative improvement of the work done by qualified personnel. Starting from this concrete case study, the needs, the strategic motivations and the consequent technological choices at the basis of the success of the service will be discussed.

Webinar Technologies for Traceability and Anti-counterfeiting

CRIT Webinar: cycle of events dedicated to deepening themes and technologies related to innovation together with CRIT experts. Riccardo Gnudi, Technology & Innovation Advisor in CRIT, discusses the main technologies used in traceability and in the fight against product counterfeiting.

Seminars Eco-sustainability: innovation, certifications and success stories

A web-seminar that will deepen the theme of environmental sustainability and how attention to eco-sustainable solutions is becoming one of the main economic and technological trends for the coming years. NiER and T-Trade Group, companies of the CRIT Accredited Suppliers Network, will bring their experience and business cases.

Webinar Mobile Robots: AGV e AMR technologies for manufacturing applications

CRIT Webinar: cycle of events dedicated to deepening themes and technologies related to innovation together with CRIT experts. Diego Bartolomé, Technology & Innovation Advisor in CRIT, presents the main Mobile Robots solutions (AGV, AMR) and technological trends.

Seminars Blockchain: the industrial applications and the European strategies

The seminar will offer an overview of the technology and will be used to deepen the applications developed so far in the blockchain sector through European-level activities aimed at supporting the development of new case studies and some applications of interest for the industrial landscape from the experiences of Oracle and UniquID.

Webinar Microservice architectures

Microservice architectures represent a great growth opportunity for those companies that have undertaken or intend to undertake a process of intense digitalization of both their products / services and their internal processes in order to adapt them to increasingly variable infrastructures. A meeting organized in collaboration with the Microservices Community.

Webinar Collaborative Robotics: State of the Art for the “Rossini” case study

CRIT Webinar: ciclo di appuntamenti dedicati ad approfondire tematiche e tecnologie legate all'innovazione insieme agli esperti CRIT. Riccardo Masiero, Technology & Innovation Advisor in CRIT, affronta lo Stato dell'Arte della robotica collaborativa a seguito di un'analisi svolta per il progetto finanziato a livello Europeo, Rossini.

Seminars Artificial Intelligence to support the dialogue with customers

The quality of contact with customers is one of the areas in which the competitiveness of any company is played out today. In order to optimize these increasingly complex and delicate activities in an optimized way, many companies are introducing Artificial Intelligence tools. The seminar will allow to deepen the theme thanks to the skills and experience of Expert System, leader in the field of artificial intelligence applied to text analysis.

Seminars IoTalk from words to ROI

Does the Internet of Things really have an impact on a company's ROI? We will discuss the topic together with Trueverit (NFA CRIT) and the testimonies of Autocarrozzeria Imperiale, AIMAG, Schneider, CEFLA and Leonardo.

Seminars Govern digital innovation from management to execution

The digitalization of production processes reaches today all aspects of the company, from management to more strictly productive ones, starting from the integration of product-side solutions and going as far as production control and management areas. The topic will be deepened through the experience of NiEW who will intervene together with Salvagini and Aquafil representatives, and will share the experience gained in common digitalization projects together.

Seminars Quantify the intangible: measuring the value of innovation. The contribution of the conjoint analysis

How to measure the perception of utility connected to a new product? How to translate the introduced technological components into economic terms? How to be able to design a new product that maximizes the positive gap between production costs and utility for the customer? Through the examination of real cases and a simulation developed in the classroom, we will explore the potential of conjoint analysis in the field of design and development of new products.