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Conferences Graphene discovery and the European Graphene Flagship Project

Una grande occasione organizzata da Tetra Pak per vedere il Grafene attraverso la testimonianza di figure industriali e accademiche con una lunga esperienza nel settore. Intervento d'onore ad opera del Professor Konstantin Novoselov, vincitore del Premio Nobel per la Fisica nel 2010 per la scoperta del Grafene.

Tecno-tour Tecno-Tour: Universal Robots

Tecno-Tour at the Danish headquarters of Universal Robots, a company of the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network, leader in the development and production of collaborative robots for the manufacturing world.

Seminars Additive technologies for polymers

Update seminar on the progress achieved by additive manufacturing in the polymeric field in the last five years. With DWS, Mark One, HP and Tec Eurolab.

Round tables Corporate “Social Platform” – A comparison on needs and solutions

Roundtable on the definition of functional requirements, paths and solutions adopted or adoptable to effectively implement a Corporate Social Platform that favors collaboration and communication between the company and its employees (and among them directly) and allows to enable additional services (eg, organizing events, news, collecting new ideas, etc.).

Seminars Human-centred automation in the era of Artificial Intelligence

Event which will illustrate the most interesting results of the INCLUSIVE European project, funded by the European Horizon 2020 program and focused on "Human- Centered ", of which SCM was partner with its industrial research center.

Seminars 5G: evultion o revolution?

CRIT, in collaboration with Stoorm5, organizes an event aimed at deepening, through the testimony of experts from the academic and industrial world, the theme of the new 5G communication standard.

Seminars R&D funding: training and opportunities

R&D funding allows companies to obtain more resources, reduce the risks associated with research and collaborate with national and European centers of excellence. CRIT organizes a training and information seminar dedicated to companies in the CRIT Network to support them and guide them in the process of accessing these forms of financing.

Round tables Corporate communication: testimonials and success stories – 2nd Meeting

Second meeting dedicated to managers and experts in the field of corporate communication to discuss tools and methodologies used in the communication and enhancement of one's brand through the presentation of company experiences, the deepening of experts and the comparison between the participants.

Round tables Additive Manufacturing Experiences

The roundtable aims to allow CRIT member companies to discuss the paths adopted to introduce Additive Manufacturing into their production processes.

Seminars Solutions supporting Production

Event dedicated to the presentation of instruments for the production personnel management and for supporting employees in machine tooling/maintenance/assembly operations. Together with Azzurro Digitale and Hotminds (CRIT NFA), Safilo, Electroctrolux and IMA will expose their experience.

Conferences NUCLEI Final conference at R2B

CRIT renews its presence at the R2B fair at Bologna Fiere. In this context, a final workshop was organized dedicated to the methodologies and results of the NUCLEI project, an initiative funded by the Interreg Central Europe program and led by CRIT. At R2B

Conferences Networking Day 2019 – Come l’innovazione guida la competitività

In its annual event, CRIT offers companies within its Network the opportunity to stimulate innovation opportunities, new relationships and common projects through Networking Day. The 2019 edition of the Networking Day is focused on the theme "Italian technology and international competition".

Conferences Collaborative Robotics – The man at the centre of factory 4.0

Workshop dedicated to the deepening of the Collaborative Robotics theme and related opportunities for the manufacturing world. The event will see the participation of speakers from the academic and industrial world to discuss possible developments and problems deriving from the use of technologies capable of supporting and interacting in real time with man.