Archive Events

Tecno-tour Tecno-Tour: F.M.

Visit to the plants of F.M., a leading company in plastic injection molding: we retrace the various phases of a Metal Replacement project.

Tecno-tour Tecno Tour: 3M

CRIT organized, for its member companies, a Tecno-Tour at the Italian headquarters of 3M. The day will offer the opportunity to visit the laboratories and technical areas, learn about the research themes carried out by 3M and to deepen the solutions adopted by the company regarding the innovation theme.

Round tables Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The meeting aims to introduce the features and potential of BIM tools and to understand what impact the application of BIM methods will have on the design and management of the life cycle of production plants and civil infrastructures.

Round tables Corporate communication: testimonials and success stories

Communication with current and potential customers is increasingly proving to be a keystone for companies. CRIT proposes a meeting to discuss tools and methodologies used in communication and valorisation of its brand through the presentation of successful cases and the comparison between the participants.

Seminars 5G and digital transformation

A day of study of the 5G standard, the new generation standard for mobile and industrial connectivity. The day will see the contribution of academic and corporate exponents and will allow to understand the added value of 5G in the Industry 4.0 panorama.

Seminars Traceability and anti-counterfeiting technologies

Meeting dedicated to the presentation of the scouting "Technologies for traceability and anti-counterfeiting" by CRIT. Testimonials from RFID and Blockchain experts will also help define the present and future landscape of some technologies and applications of interest.

Round tables Supplier Day 2018, Technology suppliers in Cefla

Annual meeting for NFA CRIT companies. Companies will have the opportunity to learn more about Cefla: technologies, market development trends, purchasing structure and operating methods used to purchase products and services. NFA companies will also present their skills by creating the opportunity for new collaborations.

Round tables Processes and Technologies in the Aerospace sector – The CURTI case

The meeting, addressed to the companies of the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network, aims to deepen the experience of CURTI Spa in the aerospace sector. During the meeting the technologies that the company has developed and the internal processes necessary to carry out the activity will be examined in depth.

Seminars CRIT e SACMI, together to speak about DREAM at Tecnargilla

Seminar dedicated to the work carried out within the DREAM project and to the technological results obtained. The event will be hosted by Tecnargilla 2018, in SALA RAVEZZI 2, 2:00 pm. Free participation.

Round tables Smart Sensors

Sharing of ideas, projects, innovative technologies in the "Smart Sensors" sphere. Each company will have 20 minutes to present their ideas to the participants, who will then have another 10 minutes available for questions.