Corporate Excellence Suppliers Network

The Excellence Suppliers Network of CRIT (NFA – Network Fornitori Accreditati) has been created to respond to the desire of the associated companies to share their own excellency suppliers.

Suppliers are endorsed on the basis of their respective high level of specialization (i.e. the performance in processing, engineering etc.) or for distinguishing capacities related to the “high tech” content of their work (advanced sensors, innovative materials, etc.).

During years, the NFA expanded and originated a real Network of Enterprises aiming to foster the synergy among the enterprises involved and to realize and implement innovative activities and projects.

Enterprises belonging to the NFA of CRIT can have the access to four different types of services:

  • Technology activities: with the purpose to provide Suppliers with the awareness of technology trends and scenarios shared by shareholders of CRIT and to allow Suppliers to widen their knowledge on specific technology areas, also participating in collaborative initiatives and events
  • Collaborative activities: with the objective to facilitate the dialogue and share experiences in order to initiate common actions and projects.
  • Matching activities: with the aim to analyze specific technical competencies of Suppliers and to explore their availability to collaborate with other members of the Network of CRIT
  • R&D Fund Raising Activities: with the intent to create awareness on Regional, National and European R&D funding initiatives and to enable Suppliers to access relevant opportunities.

Excellence Suppliers Network