Corporate Governance

Directing Bodies of CRIT (Board of Directors – BD, Technical Directing Committee – TDC, Scientific Technical Committee – STC) contribute significantly to the development of short, medium and long-tem strategies for the company. 

Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors plays an administrative, strategic and coordination function of the company and aims at fostering dialogue between the top management of shareholder enterprises, in order to share among enterprises, the collaborative innovation models that will be adopted by CRIT. In this framework, a proper turnover of members guarantees the contribution of relevant associated enterprises. 


Board of Directors – CRIT
Corradini Federico President
Caprari Alberto Counsellor
Chiesa Alessandro Counsellor
Monacelli Gennaro Counsellor
Ratti Federico Counsellor
Barbieri Gianmatteo Counsellor
Mongardi Paolo Counsellor
Vassura Stefano Counsellor
Sara De Simoni Counsellor
Balducci Gianmaria Counsellor
Pula Maurizio Counsellor

The Technical Steering Committee and the Technical Scientific Committee 

The Technical Scientific Committee — CTS, is formed by Technical Directors and R&D Directors of CRIT’s Shareholders Companies. It is the entity that steers, evaluates and validates the collaborative activities of CRIT. The Committee meets three times a year, usually in the premises of a shareholder company. 

The Technical Steering Committee – CTD, is elected by the CTS to have a smaller group of Technical/R&D Directors who analyse and pre-validate the proposals and the planning of CRIT collaborative activities, presenting and motivating the various propositions to the CTS. Members of the CTD are 11 and are selected on a rotating basis, to allow everyone to participate and provide their contribution. 



Technical Directing Committee – TDC
Damiano Giangaspero ALSTOM
Matteo Zanaroli Datalogic
Daniele Bertin L3Harris-Calzoni
Gildo Bosi SACMI
Antonio De Vuono,
Michele Bergamini
Lorenzo Maldina IMA
Gennaro Monacelli CNHi
Roberto Paltrinieri Tetra Pak
Alessandrio Pasini CEFLA
Marco Ribigini,
Mihaela Neagu Chivu