Corporate Governance

Directing Bodies of CRIT (Board of Directors – BD, Technical Directing Committee – TDC, Scientific Technical Committee – STC) contribute significantly in the development of short, medium and long term of the company.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of CRIT plays an administrative, strategic and coordination function in the company and aims to foster the dialogue between the top management of the shareholders enterprises, in order to facilitate the sharing of the collaborative innovation model to be adopted by CRIT in its mission. In this framework, a proper turnover of members guarantees the contribution of relevant associated enterpises.

Board of Directors – CRIT
Federico CorradiniPresident
Aris BallestrazziCounsellor
Ivano SelmiCounsellor
Alessandro GrandiCounsellor
Tiziano BursiCounsellor
Ballestrazzi ArisCounsellor
Cannafoglia DavidCounsellor
Caprari AlbertoCounsellor
Cassani PietroCounsellor
Cazzarolli GianmaurizioCounsellor
Monacelli GennaroCounsellor
Ratti FedericoCounsellor
Richetti FabrizioCounsellor
Volta ValentinaCounsellor

Technical Directing Committee and Scientific Technical Committee

The Scientific Technical Committee – STC, is formed by Technical Directors and R&D Directors of Associated Enterprises of CRIT. It represents the body which provides guidance, evaluates and validates the collaboration activities of CRIT. The Committee meets three times per year, usually at the premises of a selected member company.

The Technical Directing Committee – TDC, is appointed (elected) by the STC in order to create a more restricted group of technical directors and R&D Directors able to evaluate and pre-validate the initiatives and the plan of collaboration actitivies of CRIT, presenting and properly addressing the proposal to the STC. Members of TDC are 10 and also in this case, are subject to turnover in order to allow all the enterprises to propose their contribution and participate in the planning process.

Technical Directing Committee – TDC
Martino CavannaFerrari
Emanuele CosciCMS
Michele CuppiniG.D
Antonio De VuonoCorghi
Daniele BertinCalzoni
Antonio Gambigliani ZoccoliCaprari
Gennaro MonacelliCNH
Antonio RendinaTetra Pak
Pierantonio RagazziniIMA
Vasco MazzantiSacmi