22.12.2017 News

Tips and Tricks in Additive Manufacturing Seminar – Contents available ICYMI

The open seminar on “Tips and Tricks for Additive Manufacturing” was held the December 6th and it was organized by CRIT, il collaboration with ASTER

The presentations of TNO, PROSTEP and the “Enzo Ferrari” Engineering Department  of the University di Modena e Reggio Emilia allowed us to discuss about the current reliability of additive manufacturing and the possible solutions to face the current challenges of these technologies. The main topics were:  continuous 3D-printing processes that link Additive Manufacturing  and post-process, blockchain cryptography for a  secure data transfer and innovative approach to metal additive manufacturing alloys. 

This seminar was organized within the activities of the Interreg Central Europe NUCLEI Project coordinated by CRIT.

Contents are available for download.

Giulia Broglia (CRIT) – Introduzione alla giornata (Italian)
Presentation – Video

Edwin van den Eijnden (TNO) – Industrial AM for functional polymer parts (English)
Presentation – Video

Martin Holland (PROSTEP) – IP-Protection and Licensing of 3D-Printed Processes with Blockchain Technology (English)
Presentation – Video

Paolo Veronesi (UNIMORE) – Materiali metallici e trattamenti termici per l’AM (Italian)

Flyer of the Seminar