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SYNERGY Infrastructure Sharing – Rent, use, and test innovative equipment from all over Central Europe

Do you want to test innovative equipment?  Do you want to perform research, but lack a suitable infrastructure? Are you looking for new technologies?

The Interreg project SYNERGY (CE1171) has developed a new free online tool for Infrastructure Sharing among innovation actors in Central Europe. The Infrastructure Sharing service brings together infrastructure providers and infrastructure takers in the thematic areas of Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Micro- & Nanotechnology, to foster sharing and collaboration.

Interested users can either rent, use, or perform research on the particular infrastructure. Infrastructures are provided by companies, research institutions, universities and other institutions across Central Europe and they are stocked in the Infrastructure Sharing database.

Among these infrastructures you we’ll find the ones from our partners,  ProM Facility and Industria Tecnologica Italiana, including the collaborative robot Universal Robot UR5 CB-Series, the ACS AV1200 vibration test chamber by Angelantoni, the HP JetFusion 4200 for the 3D printing of polymers , the ADIGE SYS LC5 machine for the Combined Sheet Metal and Tube Laser Cutting and the Renishaw AM400 3D printing for metals .

It is possible to browse the infrastructure database according to one’s own searching criteria, view the details and conditions for each Infrastructure Sharing and contact the infrastructure owners directly online.

Are you interested?

  1. Take a look at the currently available infrastructures and access them now via the SYNERGY SynPro-Tool on https://synpro.e-science.pl/infrastructures.
  2. Participate in our “Rent-A-Robot” pilot action, which will allow you to test our platform until the end of February and to win a voucher of €5.000,00 to be used for paying renting fees.

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