06.02.2018 News

Z-BRE4K First Periodic meeting in Imola

The 16th and 17th of January 2018, Z-BRE4K consortium met in SACMI (Imola, IT), a worldwide leader international group manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Packaging, Food industries and Automation, for the 1st periodic meeting of the project. The project consortium is formed by 17 organizations across Europe, involving SACMI Imola as demonstration partner and CRIT as Dissemination and Exploitation Leader.

The aim of the first day of meeting was to update and discuss the status and pending issues of the different work-packages and to plan and define future actions for the upcoming tasks.

The second day of meeting was focused on a technical discussion about the requirements for the three Z-BRE4K industrial use cases, which was followed by the development of an action plan to define in a more detailed way the conditions for each end user.

According to the whole consortium, the aim of the meeting was fulfilled: the meeting was a good opportunity for the partners to share the status of the different work packages and to set down future actions.to elaborate a. Moreover, the discussion about the three use cases ended positively with a concrete strategy for the development of the use cases.