Corporate Suppliers Network

N.P.C. New Production Concept Srl

NPC operates in the metalworking sector providing complete machines, assembled machine groups and test campaigns for the packaging and beverage sector. The services also include support for industrialization through design, co-design and cost analysis activities. NPC also boasts a research and development division in the space sector (Spacemind) that supplies its own products dedicated to different users as well as design services and codesign of nanosatellite missions.


Writec is a technical communication studio in the mechanical, electronic and software fields. Writec follows the entire production cycle of instructions for using the product: analysis, design, editing, technical translation and printing. The company produces manuals, online guides and interactive instructions with automated publication. Furthermore it is the only authorized distributor and trainer for Italy and Canton Ticino of the Information Mapping method and of MadCap Software products.