Applied Srl
Via Speranza, 35 40068 – San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)
Tel +39 051 58 80 083

Reference person
Sergio Bonsi

Company profile

Applied proposes itself as partner in the application of services dedicated to training, change management, and corporate organization, essential in the development of a radical change of companies that want to undertake a path of Applied innovation to their market.

Scouting and application of know-how are essential activities for Applied to assist and support companies in the fourth industrial revolution.

The uniqueness of Applied is the ability to apply the most advanced technologies to the market of industrial processes, offering radically innovative solutions. Applied is not limited to incremental search on product but it also works to spread a paradigm shift capable of opening new roads.

Specialties / excellences
Enterprise Management System

Creating integrated, efficient and flexible infrastructures is a priority that affects all members of an organization. Applied offers a wide range of products and services in the areas of IT Application, IT Infrastructure, IT Outsourcing, After Sales Solutions and System Integration, we are able to cover the needs of our most demanding customers and facilitate the management of complex information flows.

Marketing & Communication

The increasingly overwhelming shift towards a digital world requires marketing and communication to adapt to this trend as well. Applied offering respond precisely to this need, being able to provide its customers with a 360-degree offer ranging from strategic to digital marketing, up to the organization of events.

Industrial Solution

Applied solutions for the industrial world offer a range of solutions for all companies with core industrial dynamics that would reap significant benefit from the digitalization of their processes. The application of technologies such as Internet of Things, Automation and Virtual Commissioning are able to transport any industrial reality into its future, opening the doors to increasingly lean processes and tangible gains.

Competence Development

The offer proposed by Applied is represented by a training catalog aimed at developing skills in the field of digital knowledge, offering ready-to-learn courses created by experts in the digital and technological world made available through a dedicated Applied learning management system platform.

Travel Security

Thanks to the collaboration with Omega, a company part of the Applied group, which can boast not only a great experience in monitoring trips to high-risk countries, but above all the 24/7 presence of operators ready to assist travelers in risky situations, Applied is really able to provide  profound skills in the world of travel security and apply them to concretely preserve the safety of its customers.