Bercella Srl
Via E. Ferrari, 10 Varano de’ Melegari (PR)
Tel +39 0525 53680
Fax +39 0525 550407

Contact person
Laura Marchini
Telephone +39 0525-53680-108

Company profile

Bercella srl is a leading company in the field of composite materials. Our advanced production system covers the entire industry chain, from the design of components to the construction of models and dies, to rolling and subsequent processing phases.
Bercella srl is a partner in the verticalization of sub-supply chains to offer a more efficient and effective service.

Specialties / excellences

Bercella srl is a key supplier of monocoque frames, structural parts and bodywork for the major manufacturers in the sector.

Since 1996, the company has built more than 500 monocoque frames and several thousand components for competition cars of all types and categories.


Bercella srl is certified EN9100: 2009, as well as by the major Italian aeronautical companies for the production of parts for the civil and defense sector. In particular, Bercella has produced and produces structural and interior parts for helicopters, structural parts for airplanes, and various parts for the space sector.

The high quality standards required in this sector are taken as a reference for every other sector in which Bercella operates.

The EASA Part 21 certification is underway.


Bercella has a great experience in national and international production of defense components.

The components are used for aeronautical, naval, submarine and UAVs applications.