Colombo Filippetti SpA
Via Rossini 26, Casirate d’Adda (Bg)
Tel +39 0363 3251
Fax +39 0363 325252

Contact person
Stefano Colombo
Telephone +39 0363 3251

Company profile

For more than 50 years, Colombo Filippetti has collaborated with the best manufacturers of machines for the design and construction of mechanical systems for the transformation of motorcycles.
The multi-sector experience, the design support, the competence and the precision in the construction are the point of excellence of the Colombo Filippetti cam mechanisms.

Specialties / excellences
Special mechanisms

Overcoming the construction quality, the multi-sector experience exercised for more than 50 years allows the company to provide an appreciated support to the design of its customers.


Colombo FIlippetti is a world leader in the production of high precision cams.
The company assists the client in planning and developing the production in every phase thanks to the experience in the calculation, construction and realization of cams having multiple applicative possibilities.

Standard mechanisms

The precision, design and production experience cultures are combined with the most sophisticated tools for project management, quality and product traceability. This allows us to be the European reference point in the field of cam mechanisms.