Cyberoo S.p.a.
Via Brigata Reggio 37, 42124 Reggio Emilia
Tel +39 0522 385011

Reference person
Riccardo Leonardi (Key Account Manager)
Tel +39 3371584077

Company profile

Cyberoo, a company listed on the AIM Italia market of Borsa Italiana, is an Emilian Innovative SME specialized in cyber security for businesses. Cyberoo deals with IT security at 360 °, meant not only as protection of IT systems from external attacks but as the realization of a real strategy capable of protecting, monitoring and managing the value of information. The company addresses the market with a portfolio of enterprise solutions developed through the use of the most advanced technologies.

Specialties / excellences

Cyber ​​Security suite is a Managed Detection & Response Service, or an evolved cyber security service, a combination of technology and skills, to provide both advanced detection of threats, in particular latent ones, an in-depth analysis of threats, and activities for faster accident mitigation and collaborative response to violations 24×7 .

The MDR service that Cyberoo offers is based on proprietary technologies and an i-SOC (intelligence-Security Operation Center) H24 as follows:

Cyber ​​Security Intelligence (CSI) is a threat intelligence service that notifies external threats such as creating clone domains to perform scams or data breaches.

Cypeer is a service based on an XDR platform that aims to monitor all the information present in the company’s IT ecosystem and protect it from any advanced cyber attacks.


Titaan Suite is a SaaS identifiable as System Behavior Analyzer, composed of three modules, which eradicates the paradigm of the classic IT ecosystem monitoring systems since it collects and correlates the logs of services, applications, virtual servers, server infrastructure and networks in a single concentrator assets using an alerting system based on the study of the behavior model, rather than on static thresholds. With a user-friendly dashboard, Titaan is able to prevent system inefficiencies and reduce costs.