Evidence Srl
Via Carducci, 56
56010 San Giuliano Terme (PI)
Tel. +39 050 99 111 22
Fax: +39 050 99 108 12
Web: http://www.evidence.eu.com

Contact person
Paolo Gai
Telephone +39 333 36 56 953
Email: pj@evidence.eu.com

Company profile

Evidence Srl is a company of 20 people located in Pisa. Evidence provides software development services and training courses for industrial and dedicated systems.

The main skills are in the following three areas:

  • Operating systems and RTOS (Linux embedded, RTOS, AUTOSAR, VxWorks, FreeRTOS, …)
  • Model Based Design (Automatic Code Generation, Matlab / Simulink / Stateflow, National Instruments Labview, Scilab / Scicos, Eclipse / Ecore / Xtext / Acceleo)
  • Application development (C / C ++, Linux, Qt, C # / WindowsCE)
Specialties / excellences
Multicore systems with and without hypervisor

Many industrial systems based on multicore chips to date suffer from the fact that they can efficiently use only one core, leaving the remaining ones “off”.

Evidence has the expertise to help in porting single core code to multicore systems, using solutions with both hypervisors (Jailhouse, Xen, …) and without hypervisors.

Embedded Linux, Qt e real-time

Evidence can help in the migration of software to Embedded Linux based platforms and Qt graphical interfaces. Evidence knows how to find the right balance between performance and real-time response times.

Distributions, driver, boost optimization of Linux IoT systems

Evidence develops device drivers, boot time optimizations, library integrations and Linux distributions for custom applications dedicated to IoT

Microcontrols Real-time systems  device drivers for microcontrols

Evidence develops solutions for real-time programming of microcontrol systems, starting from the operating system, boot loader, drivers.

Evidence has also developed the ERIKA Enterprise operating system, currently used by various companies including Magneti Marelli Powertrain Bologna for petrol / diesel injection and robotized gearbox applications, and Ariston for condensing boilers.

Model based design e codes generation

Evidence has various experiences in system modeling and automatic code generation, both with Matlab / Simulink / Stateflow and with Scilab / Scicos.

In particular, Evidence can create a code generation environment based on functional models that directly support custom hardware.

Test benches

Evidence has experience in National Instruments LabView programming of test benches, systems, high performance acquisition and control systems.

Emulation systems based on QEMU

Evidence has experience in developing emulation systems for virtual platforms based on QEMU for both x86 and ARM systems.

Application development in C/C++/Qt/C#

Evidence supports its customers in the definition of software architectures and in the implementation of industrial and real-time applications.

HVAC e domotics protocols

Evidence has experience in protocols used in HVAC / domotics: Openterm, Enocean, BACNet, ModBus, and others.

Development of integrated solutions HW/SW

Evidence is able to provide turnkey HW / SW solutions in the industrial field. Examples of implementation are protocol gateways, capacitive keys, low-energy bluetooth.