F.M. Srl
Via Europa 4, Correggio (RE)
Tel +39 0522 631055 – 0522 642992
Web www.fm.re.it

Contact person
Barbara Franchini
E-mail barbara.franchini@fm.re.it

Company profile
  • Industrial research activities related to the world of polymeric materials
  • Components and molds design
  • Construction of molds and injection molding of polymeric materials
  • Design, production and supplying of technical components for transport lines and blower systems
Specialties / excellences
Industrial research laboratory

FM has an R & D laboratory – FM lab (www.fm.re.it/lab) – able to conduct industrial research projects related to the world of polymeric materials. In particular we can carry out the following activities:

  • feasibility studies in particular on projects to replace metal materials with polymer materials (metal replacement);
  • design of technical components in polymeric material and related molds with the help of simulations;
  • standard and special mechanical and tribological tests on printed materials and products. The special tests (tensile, bending, compression, impact, creep, fatigue and pin-on-disk wear tests) are defined with the customer according to his pecific needs and with maximum flexibility;
  • molding tests on new polymeric materials; FM lab has several collaborations with prestigious universities and other research organizations.
Mold production and injection molding

FM has an internal workshop, equipped with the most modern equipment constantly updated, able to take care of all the phases of construction of the molds and their maintenance throughout the life cycle. This allows a reduction in implementation times, greater flexibility in case of changes to the project and above all a particular attention to confidentiality. The molding department of FM is specialized in the production of technical articles in thermoplastic material. Over the course of 40 years of history, the experience gained has enabled us to cover almost all industrial sectors: mechanical and mechatronic, automotive, consumer electronics, automation, food and others. FM is also able to provide various post-molding processes such as: assembly, packaging, welding, etc.

Design, production and supplying of technical components for transport lines and blower systems

FM is known all over the world for its line products historically focused on the machines for the ceramic industry market, but over the years its use has expanded in all sectors requiring a transport of products (wood, glass, packaging, etc.), as well as the development of an air line, useful for creating real blowing systems.
In particular, the products are divided into the following lines:

  • Ceramic and transport line: glazing disk packs, accident prevention supports and guards, profiles, pulleys, wheels, rollers, chains and sprockets;
  • Roller conveyor line: includes useful models for the creation of horizontal or cantilever crazy carpets for lateral containment;
  • Air line: includes all the components necessary to create real blowing systems to dry, clean, cool, separate products of various kinds (centrifugal fans, diffusers and air blades, connectors and various components)