Imola Informatica SpA
Via Selice, 66A, 40026 Imola (BO)
Tel +39 0542 32640
Fax +39 0542 28023

Contact person
Luca Cappelletti (Imola Informatica)

Claudio Guidi (italianaSoftware)

Company profile

Imola Informatica is an independent IT consulting company. For over 35 years, it has supported companies in technological and cultural change.

Experimenting with emerging technologies it identifies the solutions best suited to the reality of each customer.

It is part of a group of companies with which it shares the idea of making innovation for people, businesses and the communities. He collaborates with several Italian and European universities; with the University of Bologna has created the first Open Innovation Lab in the area.

Specialties / excellences

The people of Imola Informatica provide strategic support in technological choices and plan the evolution of complex information systems for the main financial and insurance groups.

In addition to the banking sector, Imola Informatica offers consulting services in the industrial and biomedical fields. Work with companies that face the challenges of digital transformation and cybersecurity.

Thanks to a team of 100 consultants, Imola Informatica experiments directly and proposes tailor-made solutions that do not exist on the market. The “sartorial care” and independence from commercial products offer the customer a competitive advantage, a concrete and measurable value.

The main areas of consulting at Imola Informatica

Facing the rapid evolution of information systems, Imola Informatica has experimented with microservices architectures: innovative solutions, with independent, flexible and integrable processes, capable of performing very specific functions.


With italianaSoftware, a company specialized in microservice-oriented integration, it offers ideal solutions in manufacturing, e-commerce and industry 4.0 contexts.
Jolie, the programming language created by italianaSoftware, facilitates the coordination of software systems and allows the client to manage the digitization of business processes.

  • Rapidity
  • Accessible costs
  • Integration with SAP