Meccanostampi S.r.l
via Sampoi 73, Limana – Belluno
Tel +39 0437968711
Fax +39 043797894

Contatto di riferimento
Menichetti Roberto
Telephone +39 0437968751

Company profile

Design and construction of injection molds for technical technopolymer components. With 4 production plants for a total of 140 injection molding machines, we also offer our customers the supplying service of the relative printed parts as well as additional assemblies and finishes.

Specialties / excellences
Integration of Production Processes

Company able to optimize every phase of the process thanks to the internal management of the design processes, mold construction, molding and mold maintenance.


Since the company was founded in 1965, Meccanostampi has dealt with various technical issues in different sectors, transferring the experience gained.
The main sectors in which we operate are: automotive, lighting, hydraulic pumps, electronic, electromechanical, gas devices, sports.

Technology and Automation

High technological content in all departments and strong investments to increase process efficiency. High degree of automation both in molds and molding production departments, with the development of robotic work islands for the production of double-component articles and for the over injection of metal inserts.