NPC Niew Production Concepts Srl
Via Errico Malatesta, 27-29, 40026 Imola (BO)
Tel +39 0542 362000

Company profile

NPC operates in the metalworking sector supplying complete machines and assembled machine groups for the packaging and beveraging sector. The services offered include machine testing campaigns, spare parts installation and management services as well as industrialization support through design, co-design and cost analysis activities.
NPC also boasts a research and development division in the space field (Spacemind) that provides its own products dedicated to different users as well as design services and codesign of nanosatellite missions.

Specialties / excellences
  • Efficient supply chain management;
  • Know how in mechanical and electrical assembly, and final tests;
  • Focus on quality;

Availability of space and resources for new prototypes and for increased production;
Efficient production ramp (16 weeks);


Ability to absorb significant variations in production (both positive and negative);
Consolidated positive turnovers.