NetCom Engineering S.p.A.
Via Nuova Poggioreale Centro Polifunzionale T7 – 80143 Napoli (NA)
Tel. 081 7341740

Reference person
Gianmarco Cristofaro (Account Manager)
Tel 393 8548974

Company profile

NetCom Group S.p.A. is an Italian consulting firm that provides advanced and innovative engineering services. The Group, based in Naples, has been present on the national and international engineering consultancy market since 2006 with over 700 professionals and 50 large clients.
NetCom Group S.p.A. is a leader in testing automation, software validation and customized solutions. The company business of action ranges from the Telecommunications market to the Media, Transport, Finance, Public Administration and Defense avionics systems.
The Group boasts specializations in Engineering services, Software design, development, integration and delivery, Verification & Validation, Customer service & support, Information & communication technology.
The company highlight is the Research & Development department which deals with the innovation of the group’s processes and products and supports the reference markets with innovative solutions.

Specialties / excellences

The Transport division of NetCom Group makes use of the expertise and experience of about 150 engineers, who work directly with customers or are located in the high-tech laboratories of Naples, Modena, Turin and Milan, dedicated to carrying out development activities, integration, validation and research.

Transport offer:

  • Design Studio
  • Engineering R&D
  • Electric & Eletronics design & Validation

Furthermore, considering the trend of the transport market towards IoT, V2V and V2I solutions, in which the main focus is to allow vehicles to be able to communicate with other vehicles and with the infrastructures that surround them, in guaranteeing the cyber security of data but especially of people, NetCom Group has been developing, for several years, in agreement with the universities with which it actively collaborates, numerous theses and doctorates on various topics, such as, just to name a few, ADAS, Cybersecurity in the Automotive and Automation Test fields.

Media and Telco

The NetCom Group proposes its vision of the state of the art of technological innovation through the skills gained in over 10 years of high-level experience within the main players in those market sectors, whether they are service operators or equipment suppliers.

Telco offer:

  • Network planning and design (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Implementation and integration of networks (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Network analysis and optimization (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Drive Test analysis (fixed / mobile technologies, 2G / 3G and 4G)
  • Analysis of coverage and interference (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Advanced networks (4G +, 5G)
  • Performance monitoring
  • Helpdesk and maintenance.

Media Offer:

  • Mobile certification
  • Satellite communication
  • Digital TV services
  • IPTV services
  • OTT multimedia services
  • Integration of customized solutions HW / SW systems
  • Analysis and development of the SW architecture
  • Requirements analysis and design
  • Verification and validation (manual or automatic) (HW and SW)
  • Failure analysis and reporting
  • Innovation and design.

The Finance division of NetCom Group makes use of the expertise and experience of about 100 specialists who work directly with customers or are located in the various corporate offices located throughout Italy and three competence centers:

  • Pont-Sant-Martin: BackOffice, ITIL automation and datacenter
  • Naples: payment systems and test-factories
  • Padua: CRM and customer support

The Finance Division offers its clients a wide range of solutions for various market segments, ranging from Insurance to Banks from companies offering Retail Payment Services to Agency Networks.
Our areas of specialization are payment systems, CRM solutions, ITIL Support & BackOffice Automation, validation and testing of application solutions.
Thanks to our logistics network, distributed throughout Italy, we are a reliable and recognized partner on the 360 ​​° management of employees in Teleworking and Smart Working.
The services we offer concern application management, data migrations, procedure optimization, big data management, business intelligence, cloud management, customer care, multi-level help desk in accordance with multilingual ITIL®, hardware and software products, installation services, staging and 24-hour technical assistance, all coupled with training and IT security.

Remote Services

The solutions in the Service Desk area involve the use of highly competent operators able to carry out an initial analysis and give immediate feedback in order to optimize resolution times. Secondly, if necessary, an operator more prepared on the technical front can intervene who, on the basis of the data provided by the colleague, will be able to solve the criticality encountered by the worker with actions remotely and, when necessary, on site.
For on-site interventions, the Remote Services Division can rely on a capillary and qualified network of partners able to satisfy every customer need; moreover, the adoption of innovative tools integrated with the support processes makes it possible to guarantee interventions that have a high success rate.

Service Desk offer:

  • SPOC (Single Point Of Contact)
  • Management of multiskilled and multi-level reports
  • Management, coordination and execution of on-site interventions. Monitoring of IT infrastructures
  • How to Use support
  • Conducting project activities (Rollout, Migrations, Massive configurations) Possibility to use the Client’s tools or make their own Multilinguals available

In Customer Care services, the high expertise gained in the provision of this type of service allows the Division to manage even highly critical services such as Emergency Response in the world of utilities or monitoring and assistance services for the world of large retailers.

Customer Care Offer:

  • Contact Center for administrative / commercial issues
  • Emergency Utilities H24 7 × 7
  • First Level Help Desk for structured case management
  • Back-office activities
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey campaigns