Pikkart S.r.l
Via Carlo Zucchi, 21, 41123 Modena
Tel +39 059 7108549
Fax +39 059 822408
Web www.pikkart.com

Contact person
Emanuele Avolio
Telephone +39 392 8437402
Email emanuele.avolio@pikkart.com

Company profile

PIKKART is a company from Modena born in 2014 by a collaboration between Progetti di Impresa (Business Projects) and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Pikkart has as core business the development of solutions for Augmented Reality: systems that allows to “add” Digital content – 3D objects, videos, image galleries, information cards, etc. – to the real world, through the use of latest-generation devices (smartphones, tablets, viewers).
The Modena-based company was the first reality in Italy to develop a proprietary Framework for Augmented Reality.
PIKKART is active in the creation of Apps – compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems – for Augmented Reality and Automatic Recognition projects.

Specialties / excellences
Pikkart-AR SDK

Pikkart was the first company in Italy, and one of the few in the world, to develop a proprietary software development kit for augmented reality equipped with a CMS that allows a perfect management of markers and contents.

Pikkart-AR Logo

A patented technology, evolution of augmented planar reality, that allows to associate up to a billion different contents to as many copies of the same image thanks to steganography. In 2017, the European Union awarded this software with the prestigious Seal of Excellence award, within the Horizon 2020 program.

Pikkart-AR Discover

An augmented reality and visual recognition software that allows you to connect digital content such as videos, photos, 3D models and information cards no longer only to planar images but also to objects and three-dimensional environments: it is a perfect solution for museums, Industry 4.0, large-scale retail trade, and much more!