Plasmapps srl
Via Vigili del Fuoco Caduti in Servizio, 14, 70026, Modugno (BA)
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Contatto di riferimento
Dr. Nella Rossini
Telephone +39 329 9394 449

Company profile

Plasmapps Srl operates in the avant-garde Hi-Tech sectors for the research and development of innovative plasma processes. Using cold plasma technology, Plasmapps offers companies custom surface treatments to respond specifically to the different needs of the industrial world, developing processes that include surface functionalization, thin film deposition (nanometric), intelligent activations, cleaning and surface preparation .

Specialties / excellences

Using low-pressure plasma technology, Plasmapps is able to provide concrete answers to the new challenges of the industrial world, constantly constrained by continuous technological innovation, to renew products and processes. Through the surface modifications induced by the plasmas it is possible to innovate the materials and give the surfaces characteristics that will allow to achieve successful results in a short time.

Industrial applications

Modulation of the friction coefficient, protection of rubber and plastic, realization of anti-limescale treatments, anticorrosion treatments for metals and alloys, hard-coating, barrier film for food and pharmaceutical packaging, activations, design and realization of low pressure plasma reactors.

Innovative materials from a clear chemistry

Low pressure plasma technology offers a valid alternative to conventional wet surface modification processes, with various advantages due to its eco-sustainability. Plasma chemistry is in fact a dry chemistry, which uses small amounts of reagents and works in the absence of solvents, therefore with a very low environmental impact.