Via Augusto Tamburini, 5, 42122 Reggio Emilia RE
Tel +39 0522 140 9350

Reference person
Francesco Tesauri
Tel +39 0522 14 09 350

Company profile

Founded in 2004 in Reggio Emilia, RE:Lab specializes in developing interaction solutions for complex systems in sectors such as Automotive, Off-Hghway Machinery, Home Automation, Railways, Defense, Industrial Automation, Finance.

RE:Lab joins Human Factors expertise and Engineering know-how to support its Customers from design to operations, hence its mission statement: “From drawing to driving”.

Specialties / excellences

Interaction Engineering

Human-Machine Interface Design: starting from the analysis of user requirements and operating context, RE:Lab defines and develops methods to interact with the product, adapting them to relevant use cases and producing specification documents.
Ergonomic Analysis: criticalities in using the product and their impact on safety and effectivness are identified throguh expert analysis and quali-quantitative tests in simulated environments or on field.
Human-Machine Interface Development and incremental prototyping: RE:Lab supports its Customers in developing user interfaces by delivering solutions that can be integrated and validated on the final product.

Internet Of Things

DQuid is a platform that collects data from different kinds of hardware and make it available to app developers in formats they are familiar with, thus reducing complexity and reducing errors in the development process.
Custom development: RE:Lab supports its Customers in developing connected products, from the choice of suitable platforms to the development of customized applications.


HMI BOX is a hardware / software solution that allows Customers to quickly prototype Human-Machine Interfaces that can be integrated onto production vehicles and marching prototypes.


ISOBUS Stack is a software library that enables the control units of tractors (TECU) and implements (IECU) to communicate through the ISOBUS protocol. RE:Lab supports its Customers in developing proprietary ISOBUS applications and in pre-certification procedures.