Servitly Srl
Via Cavour 2, 22074 Lomazzo (CO)
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Reference person
Stefano Butti

Company profile

Servitly is a software vendor that offers OEMs an enterprise SaaS for the management of their connected products, monetization of IoT data, delivery and sale of smart services, support for the delivery of advanced services (pay per use, pay for outcomes, pay per availability) and the transformation of products into services (equipment-as-a-service).

Servitly helps manufacturing companies to maximize the value of their servitization initiatives.

Some of our clients

Specialties / excellences
100% focus on management of connected products, smart services and servitization

SaaS Servitly is specifically designed, developed and provided to respond in an excellent way to the needs of OEMs who want to manage their products connected via the IoT, to provide and monetize digital services, to undertake a servitization path towards new business models such as equipment-as-a-service.

Strong vertical specialization

Our SaaS offers software modules dedicated to the management of connected products, the provision of smart services and servitization, ready for the following vertical sectors:

  • machines and systems for packaging
  • food & beverage equipment
  • food and medical refrigeration appliances and systems
  • printing, coding and marking machines
  • machine tools
  • domestic and industrial HVAC systems
  • compressors and air treatment machines
  • pumps and machines for water treatment
  • power generators
  • domestic, professional and industrial washing machines and dishwashers
  • safety and fire prevention devices
  • doors, gates, barriers
Stand-alone or integrated with IIoT platforms

Servitly’s goal is to maximize the ROI of investments in IoT made by OEMs in its products. For this it can be used stand-alone or integrated with an IIoT platform (eg Microsoft Azure IoT, SAP Leonardo).

Coverage and maximum performance globally

SaaS Servitly is based on a scalable microservice architecture distributed simultaneously on different data centers, on different continents. This guarantees coverage and maximum performance in all countries where the OEM distributes its products.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Our SaaS is designed to give full autonomy to the OEMs or system integrators that support them. It is equipped with a powerful management console that allows you to configure every little detail of the solution. It is also equipped with a wide range of APIs for integration with the OEM’s corporate information systems: ERP, CRM, FSM, CMMS.