Techboard Group Srl
Via della Scienza 50, 41122 Modena
Tel +39 059 289811

Reference person
Marta Luesma Meseguer (Marketing & Communication Manager)
Tel +39 059 289 865


Company profile

Techboard was born in 1979 as a manufacturer of professional printed circuit boards for samples and series productions becoming a key player in the European PCB and PCBA market.

Techboard Group is organized in three divisions:

  • Industrial Electronics Division (D.E.I.)
  • Security Division (Syac-TB)
  • Industry Division (IND-VISION)

To this evolution are added the various companies of the group, the E-HUB incubator, Holomask, MillEmilia and Techeateasy.

Specialties / excellences

Industrial electronic design and development, DEI Division

Development of video and image management solutions, SYAC-TB Security Division

Development of products for the control and optimization of production, IND-VISION Division