VEM Sistemi S.P.A.
via degli Scavi, 36, Forlì (FC)
Tel: 0543725005
Fax: 0543 725277

Contact person
Marco Buban
Telephone +39 0543725005

Company profile

For the past 31 years, VEM sistemi has been one of the most innovative Italian ICT players and has always been careful to intercepting the new trends in the sector, making them functional to customer needs. From the six branches of Forlì, Modena, Milan, Padua and Senigallia, located in the manufacturing centers where “Made in Italy” has its roots, offers services for the integration of IP-based networking technologies, with a holistic vision that goes from automation, mobility, collaboration, data center, automation of the building and custom application software development. Making simple the use of solutions and services that underlie a high degree of technological integration is our distinctive quality.

VEM Group

In 2013 VEM founded Certego (, a company specializing in providing IT security services managed and contrasting with Cybercrime, while in 2015 it acquired myDev (, a company based in Cesena and worldwide specialized in the development of custom software, to complete the holistic approach strategy to the market of vertical industrial solutions of VEM.

Specialties / excellences

In order to fully exploit the potential of digital transformation, we need to know it, creating a dynamic ecosystem of protection that protects it, but above all, has a sixth sense that allows us to understand if the protection measures are really effective.
VEM Security Operation Center (SOC) works in close synergy with the Certego Incident Response Team (IRT), to offer a service covering all phases of the IT security cycle (Risk anticipation, Prevention, Detection, Response).


Digitalization of processes requires the revision of the organization and management models that increasingly aim at LEAN and AGILE logics able to adapt to rapid changes in the market.

VAutomation is the paradigm in which solutions and technological tools are born to support digital transformation and IoT.


In an age of increasing convergence between physical and virtual worlds, the concept of “experience” acquires a central role within the digital network that increasingly envelopes people, objects and processes. In this context, the three pillars at the base of the experience lived in contact with the living and working environments are quality, simplicity and design.

VXperience mixes these three ingredients in the right balance not for pure cosmetics but to maximize the potential of the digital revolution.