Writec by Vilma Zamboli
via Giuseppe Di Vittorio 85, 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS)
Tel: +39 030 911 0485
Fax: +39 030  205 3528
Web: www.writec.com

Contact person
Massimo De Bandi
Telephone +39 327 0254 327
E-mail: amministrazione@writec.com


Company profile

Technical communication study in mechanical, electronic and software fields.

Writec follows the entire production cycle of product instructions: analysis, design, drafting, technical translation and printing. The company produces manuals, online guides and interactive instructions with automated publishing.

Consultancy on Directives, Processes and CMS for multichannel publishing. Writec offers manual check-ups, training and co-working.

Setting up strategies and collateral realization for technical marketing: brochures, datasheets, animations, exhibition materials, events, for a real involvement of users.

Writec is the only distributor and authorized trainer in Italy and Ticino for the Information Mapping® method and MadCapSoftware products.

Specialties / excellences
Partner for technical communication

The company has revolutionized how to manage and write important company manuals, achieving up to 30% reduction in translation and printing costs and 50% content reuse.

Writec brings innovation, quality, waste reduction, compliance with regulations and resource satisfaction, both in outsourcing and in the integration of the internal production process of the manuals.

Thanks to the company’s services, companies get structured, strengthen their skills and align themselves with international competition.

Research and training center for technical communication

Constantly looking for optimization and best performance for the user, Writec solves customer problems in terms of time-to-market, costs and quality.

Beyond the new technologies needed to transmit information to users (web, 3D and so on), the research center focuses on content. In the age of smart information, the ability to fragment and subsequently aggregate content defines the success of communication.

Efficient technical communication

“Nobody read the manuals”? It is true if the manuals are not readable.

Regardless of the channel chosen (manual, interactive guide) Writec applies methods for structuring information, editing techniques with controlled languages and visual communication techniques. Each product offered by Writec complies with international standards for the benefit of law enforcement and technical assistance.

Writec Academy

Founded in March 2013, Writec Academy offers companies 15 training courses on the most important issues of technical and business communication:

  • Information Mapping® method for structuring complex information;
  • rules of technical editing for the Italian and English language and for the creation and management of terminological databases;
  • practices for correctly organizing and presenting security and its messages in a manual;
  • use of complex editing tools;
  • professional and business writing in general
Unique authorized distributor for  Information Mapping®

Information Mapping® is a method for analyzing, organizing and presenting complex information. Applicable to more than 40 types of business documents including manuals, regulations, offers.

Born in the United States in the 1960s, it is widespread throughout the world as an individual performance driver.

A story built on numbers

From 1999 to today these are our numbers:

  • +150 drafting projects
  • 3000 pages of the most voluminous manual
  • 1400 certified security messages
  • 23100m3 of the largest plant
  • 8000 terms automotive glossary
  • +60 editorial rules for controlled language