Selection of testimonial companies to test transnational innovation support services


This call is published within the NUCLEI project, funded within the INTERREG Central Europe Programme (Project n. CE318). NUCLEI’s main objective is to develop innovation services concerning advanced manufacturing topics in a transnational dimension. More information can be found on the NUCLEI website.

Within the project, the 7 NUCLEi industrial clusters will involve their end-beneficiaries (Large Companies, SMEs, R&D performers) in an open & collaborative environment for the testing of new, transnational innovation services. These 7 clusters are located in the Central European Regions of Emilia-Romagna (IT), Veneto (IT) Bavaria (DE), Upper Austria (AT), Slovakia (SK), Lower Silesia (PL), Bohemia (CZ).

The companies to be involved in the NUCLEI call will therefore have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to define the content of 21 customized open seminars around specific technology domains (pilot 1 – technology showcase)
  • Express preferences to manage crosscutting innovation challenges in automation and mechatronics thanks to 6 transnational working tables (pilot 2 – knowledge sharing)
NUCLEI_for_CombinationsOrganisation description

CRIT, the lead partner of the NUCLEI project, is a private company specialized in the research and analysis of technical and scientific information and in the development of research project activities. CRIT fosters the dialogue between enterprises on issues related to problems and relevant technical, organizational and logistic solutions, also through the best practices and through the organization of dedicated benchmarking activities. Founded in 2000 upon the initiative of 14 enterprises, presently CRIT has 27 shareholders and is open to new companies interested to access the wide range of expertise of its corporates, sharing its technological culture.

Who can apply

The call is open to industrial companies with the following requirements:

  • Be engaged in economic activity (i.e. be an undertaking and not a non-profit or public body)
  • Be active in the field of advanced manufacturing and processing
  • Invest part of their turnover in R&D
  • Have at least one premise in the Central European Area (headquarter or branch office registered in Central Europe eligible area)
  • Be willing to invest time and resources to participate in NUCLEI pilot actions, which includes also travelling abroad at own costs to participate in seminars/workshops that are relevant for their business
Commitments and benefits for participant companies

The companies to be involved in the present tender will be requested to:

  • Participate in one inception day, to be held in CRIT premises on May 16th 2017, where they will be requested to express preferences and views around the pilot action
  • Contribute to define and participate in at least one customised open seminar or one transnational working table

By participating in the present call, the companies will get the following benefits:

  • They will have the possibility to steer the organisation of 21 open seminars and 6 transnational working tables around the Central European region, on cutting-edge technological issues related to advanced manufacturing and processing
  • They will have the opportunity to benchmark with peers in innovation management practices, problem solving, and other issues related to innovation and technology transfer
  • They will be involved in transnational knowledge transfer, with the possibility to conclude business deals with relevant stakeholders*

*note that, in the specific case where bilateral assistance will be provided by NUCLEI partners to conclude technology transfer agreements, this service will have to be provided under the De Minimis rule on state aid, according to EU regulation n. 1407/2013)

Instructions for participants

Participants must candidate via the following application form.

Information on the use of personal data

Participants may consult the relevant information on the use of personal data (see PDF document)

Information about indirect state aid

It must be noticed that, according to the results of the negotiation round with the JS which was propaedeutic to the signature of the Subsidy Contract, the JS argued that the deliverable D.T3.2.3. (R&D-industry preliminary deals) is to be considered as potentially relevant to indirect state aid, as pilot companies shall receive a free-service from the partners to  discuss initial contractual agreements to buy/sell KETs application for manufacturing processing .

Should the implementation of this pilot action bring some pilot companies and R&D performers to concretely discuss and finalize bilateral contractual agreements to buy/sell KETs application, the relevant partners must verify the compliance of this company with the state-aid regulation and threshold and report it to the lead partner.