Progetti Project


SMERF (SME Ready for the Future)


01/04/2023 – 31/03/2026 (36 months)





Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 2021-2027


Wrocław University of Science and Technology


In recent years, because of the rapid technological advancements, many companies has expressed the need to change their business models to remain competitive. They need to innovate to be prepared for a more sustainable and digital future. One way to address this challenge is to seek the support of the so-called innomediaries who act as innovators or change agents.

The SMERF project will guide SMEs in seeking the support of innomediaries. In fact, project partners aim to develop:

  • the InnoGreen market, to transform businesses across Europe,
  • an innovative audit methodology,
  • a basic knowledge set,
  • the SMERF diagnostic tool,
  • the SMERF Program for individual support,
  • webinars, training courses and workshops that will provide valuable knowledge for sustainable and digital transformation.

The project is structured into three main actions:

Action 1: Development of the transformation concept from SMEs to SMERFs.

Action 2: SMERF diagnosis of companies.

Action 3: Development of the innovation ecosystem – support for SMEs.

CRIT will participate in all project activities and collaborate with all partners to achieve the expected results in terms of research activities and project implementation. Specifically, CRIT will take on the role of leader for Action 2, dedicated to developing a new tool that will lead to the definition of new personalized services for businesses.