Progetti Project


IDEATION (Innovation andD Entrepreneurship Actions and Trainings fo hIgher educatiON)


01/07/2022 – 30/06/2024 (24 months)


1.195.027,50 €



HORIZON EUROPE – European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) initiative


Wrocław University of Science and Technology


The advent of the Industry 4.0 era, with its rapid changes in technologies, social media and innovation, and the Covid-19 pandemic, profoundly changed the educational and working fields.

Following these changes, IDEATION’s unique approach is based on Open Innovation, Sharing Economy and Social Product Development. The project sees a path in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) transformation towards universities of increased entrepreneurial and innovation capacity through Open Science by implementing Innovation Vision Action Plan.

This will be achieved by 6 dedicated Actions boosting innovativeness and entrepreneurial skills, as well as preparing adaptation plans and transferring best practices between more experienced HEIs to other ones.

These actions are:

Action 1: Digital access to infrastructure

Action 2: Knowledge Triangle Networks

Action 3: Crowd Innovation

Action 4: Testing crowdfunding opportunities

Action 5: Pre Incubation Program

Action 6: International Open Innovation Training


IDEATION’s objectives are:

To digitally open resources, raise awareness, enable access to competencies, experience & infrastructure through a new format of digital services.

To strengthen partnerships within the knowledge triangle by creating space for setting up collaborative networks and creating opportunities for establishing new cooperation.

To test and popularize Open Innovation based approaches to directly speed up the innovation process within HEIs and their ecosystems.

To increase the quality of innovation and support entrepreneurial education by Pre Incubation Program and International Open Innovation Training.


CRIT will lead WP6 about dissemination and communication with the aim of obtaining the greatest possible impact of the results. It will collaborate also in WP 3 and WP4, respectively dealing with Planning of Crowd Innovation activities and Open Innovation in Science: quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education.