Progetti INEDIT


INEDIT – open INnovation Ecosystems for Do It Together process


10/01/19 – 09/30/22 (36 months)

6.887.475 €





Ecole Nationale Superieure D’Arts et Metiers


As a result of growing prosperity and digitalization, people in Europe are increasingly changing their demands on values through consumer goods from material to immaterial services. In many sectors, consumers look for products they can personalize corresponding to their needs.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement promoted this kind of flexible and agile fabrication dedicated to individual makers mainly for sustainability purpose. The DIY movement is still alive within FabLabs that characterize makers’ physical spaces or workshops. Alongside the DIY movement, the Social Manufacturing concept has emerged as an open and more democratic way of manufacturing, engaging different skills in the production process leading to new value creation supported by the “Do-It-Together” (DIT) form of participatory design and collaborative production strategy.

INEDIT aims to create an Open Innovation European DIT ecosystem for sustainable furniture co-creation. It channels the creativity of consumers, shapes it through designers’ professional skills, and makes it viable by leveraging on the expertise of production specialists in order to deliver sustainable, smart and personalized new products in a shorter time to market.

The DIT approach will be applied by customers and professional producers, especially SMEs, for conveying higher customer satisfaction through customer-driven production. INEDIT will demonstrates the approach through four cross use cases with high societal impact:

  • Sustainable wood panels manufacturing
  • 3D-printing of wood
  • 3D printing of recycled plastic
  • Smartification

Sustainability and consideration of individual preferences, especially of women and men, will be some of the guiding threads, together with societal challenges such as contribution to reduce the amount of produced CO2 and the creation and maintenance of EU-wide job opportunities. This will lead to new business opportunities supported by business model innovation. Moreover, these innovative networked local manufacturing competences and production facilities across the EU will solve ethical concerns within the manufacturing network.

INEDIT intends to demonstrate, through its twin – digital and physical – platform, the potential innovation around social manufacturing within the circular economy in designing global while producing local